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I used to write horses with swords. Or horses with guns. Pick your poison.

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(PLEASE READ) I'm leaving. · 10:56pm Apr 18th, 2019

Yeah, it's true. I'm gonna be leaving FIMFiction.

Only for a little while, though. I'll be back at some point. There's just a lot going on in my life, on top of the fact that I've had absolutely no drive to write at all for the last two months.

I'm honestly drained. I don't even work that many hours at work, at most 15 per week (which is laughable compared to the hours plenty of people work), and I feel more drained than when I used to work upwards of 25-30 per week at my much more enjoyable zoo job (which I'm thankfully starting back at next weekend), and the only thing I ever want to do anymore when I get home is play games, and that has become tedious, too. So, when I'm not working, I basically distract myself from the fact that I should be productive and flesh out a new Pegiverse installation or finish one that I've neglected for too long.

I'm still set on joining the Navy Reserves in October, which I hoped to get at least one or two more stories published by that time and finish them off once I have access to a personal computer again, which depending on how things go might be upwards of a year after I go to boot camp.

I have to move by July, and right now things aren't looking too good in that prospect for the fact that: 1. we're not moving on our own will, we are being kicked out because the landlord wants to sell, 2. my mom just had a gallbladder attack three days ago and will eventually need surgery to have it removed, which will put her out of work for up to four weeks, and 3. my stepdad might be losing his job after seven months, which was honestly our saving grace when he left his old job.

Soon I'll also have to take responsibility for a car my father is giving me (now that he actually wants me back in his life, but that's another story), which the insurance alone would kill me financially and my parents and grandparents have all offered to cover at least a third of the cost, but in our new situation I'm not so sure I can expect that much help anymore, but without this car I cannot work the hours I need at the zoo this summer.

I'm also going on two trips, one next month and the other in July (and possibly a third very brief one in August if I can get away with it without flak) after we have to move. If I get bored and have the time I might see if I can put some time into writing something to maybe get my drive going again on the trip next month, but the one in July I won't even be taking my laptop because I won't have any internet apart from the data on my phone. However, these two will hopefully be nice relief for all that's going on right now.

I also recognize the fact that my drive usually immediately returns after I make a post like this, saying how I'm taking a break, and suddenly I find myself restless with all of the ideas I have. But I for some reason don't think that will be the case this time.

I don't want to leave forever, and I don't plan to, but I guess it can't be ruled out later down the line if it comes to that. But one way or another, I will finish what I have planned so nothing just ends abruptly. And maybe that's my problem, maybe I just have too many ideas and don't have a clue of where to start or find the path I want to take.

I just feel like I lost something, and I guess it's up to me to find it now.

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I get it man, Sad to see you go but you have to do what you have to do. I will hunt up temp editors for now *hugs*

But... but Deceitful Royalty isn't finished yet? Other than that hate to see you go as well.

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