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New art for Last Sunset! · 11:50pm Feb 11th, 2019

I'm so happy!

Report Kyoten Fuyu · 234 views · Story: Last Sunset ·
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Comments ( 4 )

Hymn ... not gonna lie liked the original wayyyyy better ... no offense intended. How do I put It... the original looked like you spent good money to get a picture professional done to make her look close to real life but with it still being anime..ish .... this one feels more like American cartoon..ish. *anyone who calls anime cartoons watch out im behind you with a knife* lol. Well as long as your happy with it i guess that's all that matters.

The first one wasn't something I owned nor bought. It was just a place holder until I could afford something that better matches the Plot of the story. Generally, you shouldn't use someone else art for your story without asking for permission, but everyone does it anyway, so I try to make something myself or pay for someone to do it for me when I can afford it. I plan on getting a new cover for each ARC. I want each piece to represent both the growth of the story and Sunset(Gry) as well. I think ARC 4,8,16,18 will be my favorite covers for Last Sunset.

Thanks for the opinion though!

This is the original artist-https://www.deviantart.com/girlsay/gallery/

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