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I'm odd. I dunno? I guess I'm here because some Empty Plots need Filler.

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    Epilogue. Post Conflict: A Whole New World.

    Alright. So, with the battle over, an epilogue is to be expected, given how much had happened and all the new developments. As of now, the epilogue is written... but Holy Shit did I ever have a lot to epilogue about. (Did I use that word right?) Given that, it will be published in two parts, back to back, the same day. I'm doing it this way because what I have written is over 31,000 words to...

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    Countdown for 100.5. The End. Part 6.

    So, yeah. This chapter took a lot longer than I anticipated. So much rework had to be done, but I think the end result was worth it. Regardless, I just wanted to put this out for you all to give you a heads up that it will be posted as early as I can manage, Friday (tomorrow) Eastern Time.

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  • 4 weeks
    100.5. The End. Part 6. Status Update!

    The chapter is done, as in I have written all my pieces for it. It is pending my editor's revisions for grammatical errors and the usual.

    That being said, this is going to be one of the most powerful chapters I've shared, with even more coming full circle. So, get ready for some hard-hitting impacts. This next one is a doozy.

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  • 5 weeks
    Just about done.

    So, this next chapter has brought about so many challenges for me. Lots of setbacks and rewrites of various scenes left me frustrated on top of work picking up and leaving me less time to focus on it.

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  • 6 weeks
    A rare sacrafice

    So, much like my last blog, and the same issues I had with the last chapter submitted, this one has provided some unique challenges. So challenging that what I thought I had worked out to get the story moving to where I needed it to ended up failing.

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Taking a moment for edits · 10:47pm Jan 25th, 2019

So, after some reviews with others, a lot of my mistakes in my previous submissions were pointed out. Seeing that, I will be going back over those submissions to fix as many mistakes as I can, as well as bring in an editor to take a more in-depth review to help me put out the best work that I can.

I will not be doing any rewrites of characters or the plot in my story, thus far. This will be to fix any errors with spelling, grammar and paragraph structure, as well as maybe even putting together a better flow.

So, for those of you who were let down by the quality of any the content I put out, I will be going back to fix it and do what I can put out better content in the future.

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