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Looking Glass on YouTube and book update · 5:05pm Dec 13th, 2018

Ugh so writing is just going awfully. Major burnout caused by a series of shitty things irl. Overall my mental health has been more stable these past months than it used to be, but still just had a few big hits that have fried me. This isn’t gonna affect the release of Playing House act 2 ‘cause that’s all written, but act 3 is gonna be delayed :ajsleepy:

But that’s not the main point of this blog post! Since I haven’t been able to write, I’ve been working on getting some other stuff going. The reason I’m actually doing this blog post now is that I’ve finally got my ass in gear on getting the Looking Glass audiobook on YouTube. Currently only the first four chapters are available there, but I’ll be posting more periodically. It’s more of a “when I can’t write” thing than anything I can put a timetable on, but still, progress. Check that out here!

Also relating to Looking Glass, a while back I formatted it for print, but the project got put on hold when it was very nearly done. I picked it back up again, finished it, and I ordered my copy :yay: If all goes well, I plan on sharing a link to where y’all can buy it, but I’m waiting until I get mine to do that. It’ll be available in a reasonably priced black and white edition (like $25 plus shipping, not bad for a 674-page hardcover book) and an insanely expensive full-color edition (like $97) that no one who isn’t me is probably gonna want to buy. Either way, I’m making $0 off it, that’s just Lulu’s base price, so don’t buy one to support me; only buy one if you want. Both editions do feature every piece of Looking Glass artwork I currently have, and I’m told that their B&W renditions of full color pictures are actually pretty good looking.

Not that I think anyone here will really care (nor should anyone really) but I also finally updated my Archive of Our Own and Wattpad mirrors. Fimfiction will always remain the single best place to read my work though, so yeah, that’s probably pointless to y’all :twilightblush:

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