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Bronycon 2018 Reflections Part 4: Closing Ceremonies · 7:22pm Nov 27th, 2018

Part 4: Closing Ceremonies

The line for closing ceremonies was the longest I had ever seen at the con. Hall C was completely filled up by the time the ceremonies finally began (the charity auction was running over time). The closing ceremonies were frigging depressing. It opened with a skit of the mascot ponies (Hoof Beats, Blank Canvas, and Mane Event) talking about next year. Hoof was going to be opening for the Rainbooms next August and Canvas got accepted into a highly selective art school in Las Pegasus for the same time. After those two walked off stage, Mane Event looked at the crowd and said “What about me?” looking rather sad and ran off. The crowd was confused. Then the con chairs and guests of honor showed up on stage thanking us. Peter New said his faith in the fandom had been restored. The attendance was about 5500 people, which I thought was good, but I guess it wasn’t good enough. Then the announcement came that next year was going to be a four day event because it was going to be the last Bronycon ever. The crowd was mixed. Some were speechless, others were clearly upset. I felt shocked and sad. The ceremonies ended with some rather downbeat music and as I exited the hall, I heard people singing a slow, sad rendition of the MLP theme. As I walked past my friend from earlier, I forced a smile upon my face and waved to him. Once I was past him, my smile disappeared and I had to hold back the tears as I made the 20-minute walk to my third and last hotel of this trip on the east side of Inner Harbor.

I didn’t mind the walk being this long and perhaps it was good for me in a way. After I checked into the hotel, I went to my room and cried. I was so distraught. Bronycon was ending? What does this mean for the fandom and other conventions? Around 8:30 I finally pulled myself together and went down to the hotel’s restaurant for dinner. The waiter, who was also the bar tender, was very nice. I had a burger and fries and it was pretty good. Afterwards, I returned to my room, did my usual Discord and YouTube browsing and then fell asleep.

The last entry in this series of blogs will be about Monday and final thoughts.

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Wow. So I didn't miss much from the Closing Ceremonies, it seems.
Well, I'm glad to hear that at the very least, you were able to let it all out.

By the way, I just concluded by BronyCon Highlight series and gave you a shout-out. Please take a look here.

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