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Last Sunset Plans - Spoilers · 8:22pm Nov 26th, 2018

Arc 0 - Gry learns about Sunset's past while also dealing with Canterlot Politics and learning Magic.

Arc 1 - Gry leaves Canterlot and goes exploring in Saddle Arabia at the request of the Princess.

Arc 2 - Gry travels to Griffonia after taking a break in Ponyville at the request of her teacher while searching for something to fight for.

Arc 3 - Gry gets sent back in time to the Unity Era via Weeping Angel Abduction.

Arc 4 - It's all about her rivalry with Clover the Clever.

Arc 5 - Gry trains with her friends.

Arc 6 - Gry Vs Groger!

Arc 7 - Gry learns the truth about The Unity Era.

Arc 8 - Gry vs The Day Breakers

Arc 9 - All about Harmony, Traveling, tying up loose ends, and Slapping the Doctor for not warning about the Weeping Angels.

Arc 10 - Gry returns to the present to defeat Nightmare Moon! And the Cult of Chaos. Those guys as well.

Arc 11 - Her Pain - Friendship is Magic season 1

Arc 12 - Her Revenge - Friendship is Magic season 2 The Cult boi's Vs 1 PMS Gry.

Arc 13 - Her Past - The Shipping of Gry and one Pretty Girl...and other stuff.

Arc 14 - Her Mistake - Gry and Clover Vs Crystal Empire!

Arc 15 - Their Journey - The Age of Fire! Gry becomes a parent. War happens. Clover is jealous.

Arc 16 - Her Comeback - Gry Vs Celestia

Arc 17 - The Demon Queen and Empress of the Void.

Arc 18 - The Last Sunset - Gry and the Empress save the world.

This is the entire plan. I've finished planing it all out and I know you guys will love the Endings for some of the Arcs. You might hate Arc 17 though. It's going to be really messed up. I have to make an evil Demon Queen after all XP.

I know you'll definitely love the Void Empress. She's my favorite Character I've ever written by far.

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Comments ( 3 )

Looks like a extensive project. Hopefully we will see this to completion. Interested to see how this all pans out

Considering I put over a few weeks planning this out, almost 100k notes, several character sheets, studying up on symbolism, flowers, and magic. I'm going to finish this project.

Besides, the Void Empress is awesome, and she deserves some love.

Glad to hear. Just don't burn yourself out. Would hate to see you having to take a hiatus for a month or two cause you burned yourself out.

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