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thanks for the responses on hot swap! · 7:47am Nov 19th, 2018

I really appreciate the reads and thumbs up on Hot Swap, it's super cool finally getting a story up on Fimfiction after being in the fandom for literally 8 years

Probably should have checked if there were any stories with the same title before I published but oh well, I'm not going to be adding any more chapters so it's not gonna be too confusing for people searching for the other story

Anyway yeah if any of you want to talk about how cute Pharynx, Soarin or Princess Celestia are then feel free to like comment on my profile or something

more fics soon thanks for the support

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Just thought you'd like to know, Hot Swap made the main page.

Oh yeah I noticed I totally forgot to mention that hahaha

Pharynx & Soarin are indeed adorable.


Pharynx needs more love he looks SO cute after transforming

We need more fics about cute Pharynx lol.

I wasn’t too sure about this one. On the one hand I love Embrax but Smolder and Ocellius was an odd one. In the end I loved the story you made. :heart: It worked out very well. I hope to see more of this in the future. Especially if I get to see a submissive Thorax with Ember.

Thanks! Ocellus and Smolder make so much sense to me togehter, haha. Their personalities play off of each other in a way that I'm completely, totally in love with. Hopefully I can write something with them as the focus that'll convert you to the cult of Smolcellus :twilightsmile:

That’s very VERY ambitious, but you are welcome to try. :rainbowlaugh: I belong to the Church of the Great and Powerful Shipping, but I can dabble in others too. I honestly always thought of shipping Smolder and Sandbar together, but Ocelus and Smolder seems to work too. I have to admit though I really liked Ember and Thorax the most, but the tea party was a nice touch from the canon show. And the dresses on Smolder and Thorax it was nice and funny at the same time.

Also, while I am more of an Ocellus x Sandbar shipper, you really managed to make me at least enjoy Ocellus x Smolder. Well, that, and the equal doses of Embrax certainly helped. :pinkiehappy: But now this raises a question, who to ship Pharynx with?

Fizzlepop Berrytwist obv

Hmm, interesting idea.

It's a bit of a crackship but I've seen some art and it's pretty cute

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