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HELLO · 11:36pm Oct 23rd, 2022

i'm alive

inactivity on my account can be blamed on a few things!!!!!

i graduated university, yay for me :)

most of the summer was spent kinda processing the last few years of school, i think, that and relaxing, and having a few depressive episodes, but mostly relaxing

i'm in MEXICO on vacation right now isn't that cool

i've been drunk for like a week straight

and also i have a pretty decent part-time job so i have to remember how to write while working a job

recently i've been thinking about how much i love this horse show and my god do i love this horse show

anyway: i'm still writing, i'm still vibing, and i have some announcements that will be made soon

i hope you all are doing well—i feel like a lot of what was taken from us during these last few years is coming back, or maybe i'm just hopeful

love you stupid horse word readers

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love you stupid horse word readers


Good to see you! Hope you're having fun in Mexico!

Love you too stupid horse word writer

I hope you get 72 bitches in whatever heavenly plain you reside in.

Congratz on finishing uni. It's downhill from hereon out. Looking forward to seeing yourvwriting after you get back from vacation.

Congrats on graduating, and congrats on having a vacation in Mexico!

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