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The war is over · 8:17pm Nov 11th, 2018

Today is the anniversary of the end of one of the greatest tragedies in the entire history of mankind. After four years of madness and bloodshed, the guns are finally silent. I'm not very good when it comes to commenting these kind of events, other people have already said with better words what I may write so, instead, I'll let Indiana "Indy" Neidell speak for me. For four years I've followed his channel, as he and his collaborators explored week by week the events of World War One and showed their audience how it changed our wold forever.

On this day 100 years ago, in the morning hours of 11 November 1918, the German delegation agrees to the Allied armistice terms and signs the Armistice of Compiègne. At 11am the fighting on the Western Front would stop. Some generals disagreed with the armistice and kept fighting till the bitter end, some soldiers would die during the final minutes of this 4 1/2 year long war.
Millions of men had died, were wounded or crippled before them, millions of people had been displaced or traumatised by a war that spiralled into the biggest conflict in human history in 1914. Four Empires were now disintegrating and their citizens were starving and fighting for a new order at the same time. In Eastern Europe alone, 11 November doesn't just mark Armistice Day, it marks Independence Day too.
The winning nations had undergone huge industrial and cultural changes in the past 4 1/2 years, the balance of power among them was permanently shifting. The smaller nations and colonies that fought in this war wanted something in return for their sacrifice.
And the Spanish Flu was still spreading among soldiers and civilians alike.
So, in every sense this 11 November 1918 marks a turning point in history but it certainly wasn't a switch that suddenly brought world peace. It marks a beginning and an end for a variety of processes that shaped our modern world.
But even if history is not always contained in certain dates, these dates are a great opportunity for us to remember and to reflect. Lest we forget.

- The Great War - The Online Video Series

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I did not know that.

I am not American, well I am American I don’t live in America

It's not just about the USA, it involves the entire world in a way or another (even countries that didn't actually fought were indirectly influenced by the events of the conflict). The United States joined the war on 6 of April 1917, while the conflict started on 28 of July 1914.

It certainly did change the world. It brought my country into the world stage in another light other than a british colony. It was our baptism of fire, with 60,000 dying in the war, mostly due to the poor decisions of the british high command in terms of strategy on the western front.

60,000 dead, for no gain other than the splintering of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the independence of the baltic states and poland. The war to end all wars only set the stage for the next world war.

Sorry if I sound pessimistic with my above paragraph, but it was true. However, we must never forget, otherwise history will repeat itself.

Lest we forget

No, I understand perfectly. Italy took part to the war with the idea of unifying our national spirit through a common goal and to acquire those territories still part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire inhabited by Italians that we weren't able to absorb during our wars of independence, but all we obtained was creating debts, a ton of grief, and a socio-political climate that favored the birth of fascism and the rise of Mussolini.

We have the moral obligation to remember the past and those who died in the conflict. They deserve better than being just a cold digit in a textbook that bored kids will quickly skim while thinking what to do later.

That we do. My country never really knew what war was about, and what it would lead to, until thousands of us died on the shores of Gallipoli. That was an eye opener for us. For Australia, Gallipoli was our entrance into the world of war, and is our main memory of war, even more so than our many victories on the battlefield. Though our military history took a huge dive when we lost to flightless birds 😅

At least in this current day and age, we have the luxury of remembering the past and helping to create a better future through that recognition of the past.

Btw, on a less sombre topic, really looking forward to the nest 'On the blood of our fathers, on the blood of our sons' chapter. Been loving it since I first touched the opening chapter.


Though our military history took a huge dive when we lost to flightless birds 😅

Australia is probably the only place on Earth where nature literally fights back against anthropization. Just be glad the emus didn't join the Axis in WW2, or Australia would now be under the rule of feathery overlords :rainbowlaugh:

Btw, on a less sombre topic, really looking forward to the nest 'On the blood of our fathers, on the blood of our sons' chapter. Been loving it since I first touched the opening chapter.

Thank you :twilightsmile: Unfortunately I don't have an ETA for the next chapter, university is keeping me busy and there are several parts that need to be smudged to make the narration and the dialogues more fluid.

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