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Happy Nightmare Night from Fluttercheer! Chapter 4 of "Aegis" is out to give you nightmares! · 10:31pm Oct 31st, 2018

Good evening and Happy Nightmare Night, my fellow followers and friends of the darkness in Equestria!

As it should be on this scariest day of the year, where spirits and demons roam free to feast on the weak, I have a new chapter of "Aegis" ready for you! This chapter has been worked on very hard and writing it is responsible for a sleepless night and for this author here currently operating on only two hours of sleep (because who wants to sleep through Nightmare Night?), so I hope you will enjoy it!

Or, I hope that those of you with a resilient mind will..... Chapter 4 is not for the faint, because when Curtain Call suddenly finds himself in a mall that is suddenly completely different once more, he soon has to realize that his mother is not quite the same anymore, either..... Sinister, dark and twisted desires plague the mind of this mare and Curtain Call gets all the brunt of it, with an outcome that has the potential of leaving the poor, little colt completely shattered.....
What this is? You will have to read the new chapter to find out! But venture careful, a deep look into the abyss awaits you.....


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