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I have adopted all foals of Equestria and write stories about their lives. Help me feed them by supporting me on Patreon or Ko-fi (WILL RETURN SOON)!

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    My Patreon and Ko-fi account relaunch will take a little longer.

    Today, the relaunch of my redesigned Patreon and Ko-fi accounts was supposed to happen, as I announced here, but I am going to take a bit more time with it. I am in the middle of redesigning it right

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    The Fluttering Scare is gone..... for another year. Instead, there is a festive, merry Twitter account now.

    The Dark Season is over. It lasts always longer in my mind, sometimes a few days, sometimes a few weeks, but now it's over. The Fluttering Scare is gone, at least until next year, and Fluttercheer is back. The curse gift has been taken. And in place of The Dark Season steps the Hearth's Warming Season, the Season of Light. It begins exactly today and with it, there comes.....

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    Redesigning my Patreon and Ko-fi Account (including a reward tier for "The Sky is Gone") and a Shoutout to my new Patrons

    I have some news about my Patreon and Ko-fi account to announce today. First, to start with the biggest one, I will go and redesign both accounts. I have started them in 2019, with tiny success so far, but I also was in a mentally bad state when I made a push for earning money with my stories in that year. My writing was, compared to what it is again now, a mess back then, my mental condition

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    If you support Save MLP, unfollow me now.

    Time to weed out some followers. A while ago, it came to my attention that Save MLP has a group here on FIMFiction.net. I checked it out and when I was going through the group's member list, I discovered that some of the members are also followers of mine. And I don't want to have anyone following me or reading my stories who supports this harassment campaign. To be blunt, if you support what

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    Day 161 in the Dark Equestria

    Sorry for the lack of releases the last couple days. I was battling with some rather strong depression since Saturday and this has made it impossible to release anything, while I tried to fix my mind. Also some writer's block as a result of it. But everything is caught up now and I feel somewhat better.

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Happy Nightmare Night from Fluttercheer! Chapter 4 of "Aegis" is out to give you nightmares! · 10:31pm Oct 31st, 2018

Good evening and Happy Nightmare Night, my fellow followers and friends of the darkness in Equestria!

As it should be on this scariest day of the year, where spirits and demons roam free to feast on the weak, I have a new chapter of "Aegis" ready for you! This chapter has been worked on very hard and writing it is responsible for a sleepless night and for this author here currently operating on only two hours of sleep (because who wants to sleep through Nightmare Night?), so I hope you will enjoy it!

Or, I hope that those of you with a resilient mind will..... Chapter 4 is not for the faint, because when Curtain Call suddenly finds himself in a mall that is suddenly completely different once more, he soon has to realize that his mother is not quite the same anymore, either..... Sinister, dark and twisted desires plague the mind of this mare and Curtain Call gets all the brunt of it, with an outcome that has the potential of leaving the poor, little colt completely shattered.....
What this is? You will have to read the new chapter to find out! But venture careful, a deep look into the abyss awaits you.....


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