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Long Horse (cryptids) (spooky, creepy and scared.) · 5:23pm Oct 11th, 2018

Every night, it curved into his dreams, folding into view from around impossible corners, one gaping socket always on him as it silently glided. He thought putting some distance between the thing he'd found in the attic and himself might help, but no, it met him on the road.


"I had that nightmare again, about the horse on the stairs."


the long horse in the suburbs



They're still here. They've always been here.
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Long Horse facts

(1/2) Notes on "The Long Horse" (AKA. The Dream Horse)

*Generally non-hostile, but persistent
*Inexplicably tied to a thrift store rocking horse
*Only appears in dreams but can impact the waking world
*The neck never terminates, just disappears around corners/objects

*The neck bends and moves like an extremely long finger, rather than a real neck
* The bends in its neck are as numerous or as few as it desires
* Its appearance is preceded by a smell of cinnamon
* The longer it appears to a person, the more misfortune happens


Sound version of long horse


the guy who made this: slimyswampghost show him love!.

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