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I have adopted all foals of Equestria and write stories about their lives. Help me feed them by supporting me on Patreon or Ko-fi (WILL RETURN SOON)!

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  • Monday
    The Fluttering Scare is gone..... for another year. Instead, there is a festive, merry Twitter account now.

    The Dark Season is over. It lasts always longer in my mind, sometimes a few days, sometimes a few weeks, but now it's over. The Fluttering Scare is gone, at least until next year, and Fluttercheer is back. The curse gift has been taken. And in place of The Dark Season steps the Hearth's Warming Season, the Season of Light. It begins exactly today and with it, there comes.....

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    Redesigning my Patreon and Ko-fi Account (including a reward tier for "The Sky is Gone") and a Shoutout to my new Patrons

    I have some news about my Patreon and Ko-fi account to announce today. First, to start with the biggest one, I will go and redesign both accounts. I have started them in 2019, with tiny success so far, but I also was in a mentally bad state when I made a push for earning money with my stories in that year. My writing was, compared to what it is again now, a mess back then, my mental condition

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    If you support Save MLP, unfollow me now.

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  • Friday
    Day 161 in the Dark Equestria

    Sorry for the lack of releases the last couple days. I was battling with some rather strong depression since Saturday and this has made it impossible to release anything, while I tried to fix my mind. Also some writer's block as a result of it. But everything is caught up now and I feel somewhat better.

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  • 2 weeks
    "The Sky is Gone: Epiphany" has new messages by Silverstream now!

    Have to release today's messages a little earlier than usual, before 24 hours have passed since the previous ones, so that I can concentrate on something else later. Which means the story won't show up under "Latest Updates" on the front page today, so here is a blog entry to alert you of the new releases.

    Stay not where it lurks, lock the door, turn off the light.

    ~ Flutterscare

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The Dark Season has started and a New Fic is released: "Aegis" is here! · 11:37pm Oct 8th, 2018

October is here..... And you all know what this means.

As announced, I will celebrate the Dark Season and Nightmare Night with a horror story again this year, just as I did in 2016. And now, the first chapter is finished!

"Aegis" is a story about five foals; Babs Seed, Fast Bun, Curtain Call, Corn Pops and Starlet Radiance, who get accidentally locked inside a mall in Manehattan at night after they forgot the time during a game of "Hide & Seek" and then see themselves confronted with a dark entity that lurks inside the mall.
It's a psychological-horror story I got inspired to when I saw a couple of children playing Hide & Seek in a mall a little more than a month ago, which gave me the basic idea of foals getting locked in a mall at night after playing this game and having to deal with some dark entity that messes with them.
Most ponies in it are background ponies, Fast Bun was seen in "Rarity Takes Manehattan" and Curtain Call, Corn Pops and Starlet Radiance in "Made in Manehattan", as Babs is the only foal from Manehattan who had a major role in the show so I filled in with the lesser known ones. It was fun analyzing their appearances and figuring out their personalities, just like when I wrote "Wish for a Mother".^^
This is also my first "Mature" story here and the first one I had to equip with a gore tag! The first chapters will probably be more tame, in comparison, but this story will get continously darker the more it progresses, so these tags will be put to good use later on.
There won't be any mindless slaughtering here, but if you are a fan of the "Silent Hill" series and its grotesque imagery and can stand a bit of blood and some more detailed descriptions of injuries, you will find something for you in this story and feel at home in it.
I hope you'll enjoy this story as much as I enjoy writing it (even though one certain detail in it killed a lot of my braincells, make sure to read the Author's Notes at the top of Chapter 1!) and that it brings you in the right mood for Nightmare Night, if you aren't already!
I'll see you very soon with another chapter!

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