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Had a Funny Convo with a Friend · 8:26pm Sep 1st, 2018

It was involving the Baen stories and if I'll continue them into the present season, despite earlier posts on the subject, I'm still figuring it out. But the topic was, 'What would Twilight put Baen as in terms of a School of Friendship position?'. We both agreed he'd be Campus security. Granted he'd be a tad dissapointed that Twilight didn't make him a Teacher.

Twilight: It's not so bad being Campus Security, it's actually an essential position.
Baen: But I would be a great teacher! I would help shape every creature by training their minds and body's to be efficient warriors that could slay a beast with their bare hooves....or claws...at fifty paces!
Twilight: *Places a hoof on him with a nervous expression* See, that's the thing. We're trying to teach Everycreature the magic of friendship so they can pass along their teachings to others, not well....learn how to kill things.
Baen: .....Alright.....
Twilight: Besides, by a legal standpoint, you ARE allowed to throw trespassers off the grounds.
Baen: *Looks up hopefully*
Applejack: Without goin Barbarian on em.
Baen: *Deflates*

I just think it would be pretty funny.

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Baen the PT Teacher, the first lesson is taking the students out and showing them how to properly train like a TRUE barbarian, then takes them to slay a monster.

Goes about as well as you'd expect...

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