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NEW COVER ART! · 1:51am Jul 11th, 2018

Just got some excellent new cover art! I think it looks great and does a much better job of conveying what the story is about than my pitiful attempt:

Here's where you can find out more information:
FimFiction : https://www.fimfiction.net/user/195663/Mix-up
DeviantArt : https://www.deviantart.com/amalgamzaku
If you want custom art, he's reasonable and quick.

Comments ( 7 )

That's actually pretty great!

I thought so! I like the way it ties so many elements together: The Apple barn in the distance, the CMC, the Everfree trees, his clothes on the ground, and him seeing them as a pony.

Cannot wait for the story.

Errr... but I thought Harry doesn't wear glasses when he is a pony?

Not sure if I'll ever get the chance to read through this story, but, thank freakin' Celestia lol. I'm sorry but that old cover was so bad, it had to have scared off new readers (including me) from the get-go. Thankfully you got this, lol.

Artistic license. Like a movie poster, things you see in the image are not necessarily exactly what is in the story. The glasses reinforce that he is Harry Potter, although in the story they disappear the same way that McGonagall's glasses disappear.

I never claimed to be an artist -- but I hear what you're saying! I'm glad for the improvement, as well. So, recommend Mix-up if you see anyone ask for an artist, or see someone like myself who needs one.

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