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I'm on Vacation! Story Updates, World of Warcraft, and gawking at some ancient furry webcomic people have already forgotten about assuming they knew it existed. · 1:57am Jun 23rd, 2018

I intend on banging out a couple chapters of Foolers Rush In, maybe get to TSoP and try to write another one-shot themed around thestrals. I've done a lot of good work in the first half of 2018 and it's largely gotten me nowhere towards being relevant. The way I see it that's one more half of a year to make things right before just calling it quits. 2019 promises the return of Classic (Vanilla) World of Warcraft and I look forward to getting back into that, making a ton of friends and Making Azeroth Great Again™ by burning down every hovel in the Barrens.

For the Alliance!

Either way, if I ever get another front page feature or not, I can promise Foolers Rush In will be completed and TSoP fully rewritten. Beyond that... I gotta admit I'm getting pretty worn out writing for what feels like nobody. I like to be the center of attention. It's why I leave such long comments wherever I go that millennials have to scroll through on their iPhones to get to the 1-2 sentence long ditto posts. It's why when I used to play World of Warcraft I insisted on raiding and auctioneering and burning down horde villages. I despise being the quiet guy in the corner. I want to melt some faces, damn it! I want people to see me online and say "here comes that boi", ya feel me?

Alright, now that I'm done whining about being irrelevant, let me tell you about the worst thing ever. Seriously, how did this webcomic never become a meme? Click this link and look at this! It's so awful!

Actually, you better look at this first so you know what you're in for. Link to the Bad Webcomics Wiki here. Click me. I found Badwebcomics Wiki after watching a Mister Metokur video which mentioned Linkara's comic The Lightbringer. Found the atomic bomb section containing the worst of the worst the site has reviewed and found this absolute nugget of pure cringe.

My friends, I read Concession from strip 1 to strip 376! Yes! Almost five years of teenage angst and some of the worst writing you will ever encounter. God bless you Immelmann, you absolute madman! I mean sure, you're making enough money to live off of cartooning and that's an awful thing to consider given the work that brought you acclaim is widely considered by critics to be a notch or two higher than Sonichu. Still, your name will forever be attached to a subplot involving a sheep girl who's actually a cross-dressing sheep boy who had off-camera pedo-sex with a mouse dude with cancer who was convinced he was a pedophile by a crazy mind-bending emo-goth wolf dude with Cthulhu powers who'd also used his abilities to kill off said sheep boy (girl)'s entire family in random accidents — one involving a car crash.

I love the smell of landfill in the morning! :rainbowlaugh:

Now that's a meme!

If nothing else, whoever reads this blog has a rebuttal to the odd furry who violates the brony/furry non-aggression pact of 2011 (may it stand for all time) and disrespects bronies online. Bronies may create some unforgivable degeneracy in our spare time, but we didn't create Concession. Feels good man!

At least Immelmann has good taste in music. I discovered a new band in one of his author's notes. Check out Moonspell's Vampiria track on Youtube. I'm wearing that song out. Thanks, Immy! Okay, blog over.

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Ah, but the question is, which is worse? Concession, or Celestia's Relaxing Vacation?

Holy crap! Okay, damn.

I wouldn't compare this to Concession though. The closest webcomic analog for that story I can think of is Angel Force One — the most disgusting guro webcomic ever be created. You know it's funny how long the description to Celestia's Vacation story is. Have you ever noticed that when someone writes something completely degenerate and terrible they make sure to meticulously catalog how terrible it is in the long description? Doesn't matter who the author is, same rules apply.

I comfort myself in knowing that bronies downvoted this thing more than they liked it. Concession, on the other hand, is (was) legitimately popular and launched this guy's career in cartooning. This guy has friends, followers, and cold hard cash to show for his crime against both God and Nature. How many of those CRV likes were irony or gypsies from other fandoms who made a FiM account specifically to look for guro? I can come up with rationalizations all day!

I'll admit, there are worse things than Concession in terms of being violent. It's still pretty amazing how poor the actual quality of the writing is. Click this link here for an example of what I mean. Immy regularly breaks the 4th wall because even he admits that to move the plot forward he regularly has to pull things from his ass to get the desired result.

The white-furred guy is cancer pedo mouse btw. He's actually one of the more likable characters just because he has this idea of what good is and strives for it. It's just a shame he's filtered through the deranged psyche of the author.

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