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Where Am I? · 6:14pm Jun 3rd, 2018

Greetings, everyone.

Having been, righteously so, poked lately, I figured it shall be a good moment to let everybody on my situation and the state of my tales.

Long story short – all the ongoing tales are still ongoing. I am not planning on giving up on the "Journey with a Batpony", "The Rose and the Serpent", nor "Grave Matters". Those three stories still remain within my sight and I am, at the moment, in the middle of three chapters, one for each of them.

That being said, my everyday life is taking its toll on me. My workload has, effectively, doubled over the last period, leaving me drained of time and necessary mental capacity to sit down and finish those next chapters. I have found myself changing what I have already written multiple times already, never finding the outcome entirely satisfying and to my liking, something that I need to achieve before posting my work. For only then am I certain that I deliver the best quality performance I can. And that I am providing for myself as well as you, dear readers.

But speaking of satisfaction... I suppose I should also let you all in on a little fact about myself – yours truly is a recuperating depressive. It's a fact, a family drama from some time ago, a serious one, made me lock myself inwards... on top of me being an introvert in the first place. As such, there are times when I have to focus on simply remaining stable and, in such circumstances, my ability to write takes a downfall or I simply don't have the strength to do it at all. Depressive states tend to rob you of even that great satisfaction of creating, and for a mind that is always coming up with new ideas, it is a hard thing to come to terms with.

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good, as always, I just need a little more time to compose myself and find my strength. I know that, as soon as I will post those chapters and I see the notifications, the boost I need shall come. It's just about getting there in the first place.

Thank you all, so much, for your patience and tolerance. And for those that cheered me on during this last time – my eternal thanks.


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I totally understand, ive been in the same place *hugs*


Thank you. It's not the nicest place to be, indeed. I just need some more time to get through it.


Thank you for the encouragement, I appreciate it. The one thing that I hate on top of how I am feeling is the thought of disappointing everybody waiting for my work. Glad to know people still have patience...

I know about closing oneself off. I've only recently been opening back up. Hope things keep on the up and up for you. :)


Thank you very much. I hope so too. I want to create more and share and I will.

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