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  • 54 weeks
    Dramatic Reading plz?

    So I know it's vain as hell, but i frequently go back and reread my own fics. With repeated exposure of the same text to my eyes no longer doing it for me, I crave stimulation for my ear holes. Way way back I got a couple readings of Pinkie Pie is an Eldritch Abomination and always found it weird that THAT was the one that got the attention. It's definitely a...rougher example of my work (I wrote

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  • 80 weeks
    Finally Trying My Hand at Clop. Cover Art Needed

    So, I caught wind of Dirty Little Secret's Dirty Little Contest and figured it was just the push I needed to try writing an actual clopfic. It will, of course, be an absolutely ridiculous comedy.

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  • 172 weeks
    I Started a Blog! (A real one)

    So, after many years of people telling me I should do so, I've finally started a proper blog (only about 10 - 13 years late to the bandwagon). And yes, I mean an actual blog external to what you're reading on this site now. On Wordpress and everything.

    It's called "Science, Politics, and Ponies". I hope the title is pretty self-explanatory. If not, it's a mix of three things.

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  • 186 weeks
    I guess I can say I've Written Erotica Now?

    Having grown very distressingly short on cash, I was just browsing through Upwork, looking for something that doesn't require a bunch of previously logged experience as a requirement and isn't buried in 50+ applications already. Eventually I came across this posting.

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  • 191 weeks
    Weird Fic Idea That's Stuck in my Head.

    So I've had this...odd idea for a small fic kicking around in my head for a while, and I may end up writing it soon if it keeps up. I imagine the only people who would enjoy it would be a very particular kind of fucked up, with most everyone else either just skipping it or downvoting it into oblivion.

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Prologue for Heart of Loyalty is up. · 11:39pm Oct 26th, 2012

Those of you waiting for the sequel to Then Tomorrow Came . . . well there's still plenty of waiting in store, but I've at least written a short prologue to set things up. The writing of more substantial chapters will have to wait until Season 3 hits. Cadence and Shining Armor may have an important role in getting the plot rolling, but I'm waiting on the premier to deliver some sorely needed canon before I write anything. Expect less walls of text and more reasonable sized paragraphs now that I have an actual Editor/Pre-reader in the form of the talented SerenityViewer. You may recall a previous mention that he is also writing his own alternative sequel "Where the Gentle Wing Rests" on which I also have final edit approval. Despite going in very different directions, I think you'll enjoy both.

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