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OC Profile: Hermes Mercury · 3:15pm Apr 13th, 2018

Sorry, this came out so late. It's just that this week has been a complete pain in the ass. I have been so busy it's ridiculous. Heck, I'll even be busy today, hence why I'm posting this so early. This one is about the fourth wall wrecking griffin Hermes S. Mercury. Please note that he is in no way meant to be a ripoff of Pinkie Pie or Cheese Sandwich. He has his own character and motives.


Name: Hermes

Full Name: Hermes S. Mercury

Appearance: He is a blue eyes, white and green griffon

Clothing: Bright green large style speedo and black biker gear. He looked left and right before sitting down

Weapons: Sabres

Personality: His long-winded upbeat words know no bounds; often even making fourth wall breaking level references that leave everypony at a loss for words. His mindset is often off the wall and out of nowhere; very often he can lose track of what he is doing and wander off to do something else. Despite all of this, there is very few more kind than him.

Origins: Not many really have a good understanding of Hermes' origins. Some say he lived for a short life before hanging out at the Wolf's Apple; a life of hyperness, fun, and glass breaking disaster. Other say that long ago he's a former titan who escaped the war between the alicorns and titans by hiding in the body of a griffin. And very few say he was once a human from another dimension where he was master of the limbo.

While some say he makes up half of his origins just to have some fun. He's never been the one to always tell the absolute truth, just a mild truth with spice of lies and maybe a side of fruit.

Quote: (I really could put a good quote that best represent him, so I threw in a small scene.)

“I’m sorry, but seriously I would love to help in any way shape or form not matter what the cost may or may not be for how ever long it is possible to be of use to you in any way I can. But can it wait, I’m in the middle of playing around with the ponies in the road, I don’t why I like to play and have fun, maybe it’s something in my jeans. No wait, I’m not wearing jeans. Hmm, do I even like any form of jeans or--”

“Okay, okay. I’ve heard enough. You can help.” Silver Pear regrettably released his grip from Hermes’ mouth.

“Oh thank you I could breath for a nanosecond-- Wait a minute how did you know I wanted to help you in the terrifying endeavor that may or may not leave to great or horrible things.”

Silver Pear facepalmed, “Nevermind that, let’s go.”

“Wait, where are we going? Oh are we going to DisneyLand?”

“What?” Silver Pear’s eyes went wide to his words. “What in the name of fruit is Disneyland?”

“I… I don’t know, but do you know?”


Background Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iv6F5aZU34I


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