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Aspiring to live under a bridge, but the man keeps holding me down.

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You Know What's The Worst? · 3:31pm Mar 6th, 2018

Having a terrible cold that refuses to go away even after a week. :fluttershbad:

Report Fattymagee1 · 277 views · #Sick
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Comments ( 40 )

I know the feeling all too well, hope you get better soon!

I'm sorry, nobody should have to go through something like this. Thanks! :pinkiehappy:

No problem man!

Aw. I wish I could will it away. :fluttershysad: Get well soon.

Thanks dude. It's been sooooo annoying. I have like every symptom you can have with a cold too.

Uh-oh! Apparently the flu is kinda nasty this year, so you may want to take a look into that.

Yeah I've had a couple people tell me it could be the flu. I don't know it seems more like a cold but with how long it's lasted I'm not really sure anymore. Thanks.

Vitamin C ftw. Legit just take 2000mg per day until you get better.

Thanks for the advice! I've been drinking orange juice but not taking Vitamin C specifically.

Seconded. Vitamin C also is fairly easy to get in supplements that don’t taste terrible.

I’m sure you’ll be happy to surmount it. I always feel a little more alive for a while after getting sick like that.

Thanks for the advice. I am going to have a renewed zeal for life once I get over whatever this virus is. It's seriously been extremely debilitating for so long now, one of the most debilitating single experiences I've ever had to endure. No joke lol.

Just gotta take care of yourself, bide, and fight it. If I can, I usually take the time out to catch up on something I normally wouldn't or cannot.

Thanks. I've just been laying down a lot. Though yesterday I spent a fair amount of time just looking at my really old blog posts here just for fun. Not the most productive thing in the world but I was really bored so I figured why not XD.

I look at old posts of mine, too. I hate old Facebook me. :fluttershyouch: So much cringe.

Yeah I was just immature and obnoxious back in those days XD. Soooo much cringe.

Problem is, I cannot shake the feeling that I may still be that way, just list perceptibly so. :fluttershyouch: in ways that I don’t even notice.

Well, if it’s any consolation, you aren’t obnoxious or cringe in any way at all to me at least :twilightsmile:.

:yay: That’s really reassuring. One of my worst fears on the Internet is to be just that and not realize. :twilightoops:

Well feel rest-assured that I definitely don’t think you’ve ever been that. I certainly was like that in my days here before you joined. If you looked at some of my very old blogs you’d agree XD :rainbowlaugh:

Don't tempt me. :trollestia: I jest. I probably won't. I figure they weren't meant for me to read, anyway. :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah they weren’t lol. They were mostly just attention seeking and dumb

:trollestia: They are seeking my attention? Maybe I should look at them, then. :trixieshiftright:

Just my followers in general, and that was back in like 2012-2013 before your time so... XD. You can look at them if you want... some of them are quite shameless and obnoxious. I was a dumb college freshman then lol. For instance I made blogs about underage drinking and going to parties and just bragged about random things. Very cringeworthy stuff. That was back in the days when I wrote regularly too so I had a ton of followers comment on my stuff. Sort of the good old days... but I’m glad I’m not like that anymore.

I bet some of them were living the same way at the time, and it spoke to them, and it really wasn’t as cringeworthy as it may seem now. :twilightsmile:

Hey, what’s new?

Maybe. I feel like more people pay attention to you and comment on your blogs if you’re more active in general though.

Oh not much. Though it’s better I’m still trying to get over my stubborn cold. I’ve mostly just been watching tv not doing much. What’s new with you?

That, too. Then again, if I blogged regularly, it'd get probably tedious to read. I don't always have something interesting to say.

Not much myself. I wrote a blog today about a recent decision I made, but that's about it. I head back to school tomorrow, but I don't have any classes again until Tuesday.

I used to make a blog almost daily. Sometimes more than one a day. I didn't really have interesting things to say I just kinda said whatever was on my mind. It's just at the time having like hundreds of people at my disposal who were interested in reading and commenting on anything I had to say was just irresistible. I was a very popular writer at the time, having like 5 featured stories in a 2 month period. This was also at the very beginning of college for me and I was living away from home for the first time and didn't have a ton of established friendships yet and wasn't in my fraternity and whatnot, so it was a way of dealing with a bit of loneliness XD.

Yeah I saw. Best of luck as you head into your home stretch of this semester. Even though you're not doing that exam, I'm sure you still have plenty of work to do. I remember college all too well. :eeyup:

And you think my audio readings are nobler endeavors? :rainbowwild: If so, I’m flattered, but I don’t think I’d agree with you. I have very similar reasons for doing them. Especially now, I don’t seem to have as many friends as I used to.

Work to do, yes; however, this will be a lot easier and substantially less stressful. Although I did not choose this route just so I could do more readings, I will be able to, methinks.

I think they're quite noble. And do you mean friends here or just friends in general?

Less stress is good. I'm sure you didn't, but positive side effect is positive side effect, am I right? :pinkiehappy:

I wouldn't say so. You know, I'm one of the most approval-seeking people I know. I started my channel because I had some friends at the time who were into Creepypastas and thought that I could voice them. I didn't want to disappoint them, so I made a channel. Most of them have ceased watching my videos. They don't care anymore.

Definitely IRL, although I have a couple more friends here than I used to.

I consider it positive. I wanted to work some on preparing the script for one tonight, but I just didn't sleep well enough last night to persist. My mind wills it, but my body is weary. :rainbowlaugh:

I think almost everyone approval-seeks to some extent, it's apart of human nature. I know I dearly crave positive reinforcement in the comments whenever I've written stories. And that's just how people are I guess. Whatever it is, people change and move on over time.

Having some friends is good, though I imagine your academics cut into your social life some. I'm sure you balance it all somehow :moustache:.

Well, I hope you find the willpower to do it soon. Get a good nights rest tonight, and good luck with your return to school! :twilightsmile:

I'll concede that. I just think it's a bit of a fixation for me, though.

Balance, as in, almost cut out all the social side. :twilightsheepish:

Thank you, although I slept terribly. I wrote a poem, though, so I got something done last night.

Hey, we all have our traits. It’s what makes different people interesting and unique.

Still, I’m sure you have your reasons. :twilightsmile:

A poem? For school or just for fun?

Yes, but I want to make the healthiest decisions I can, and that's probably not the way.

I do. :twilightsmile:

Because I can't waste a creative word if it comes to me. :rainbowlaugh:

What if all of a sudden out of nowhere you received 1000 new followers here and 100,000 new subscribers on YouTube in one day?

School school school :scootangel:

That’s neat. What’s the poem’s subject matter? I know I’ve never written a poem for fun... I remember writing poems for English class in high school I believe, but that’s it XD.

I would be pretty blown away, to be honest. Nobody except mainstream YouTubers acquire them at that rate. I’d also feel much more pressure to churn out videos.

:pinkiecrazy:It’s enough to drive me maaaad sometimes.

The title is the subject: Throwaway Culture, although it is more about the philosophy of consumerism applies to people and the social environment. I could show it to you.

Would you also be elated?

Sometimes certain classes made me want to stab things it could be so boring and/or aggravating. :pinkiecrazy:

That sounds interesting as I would say we do live in a throwaway culture in the USA. I’d like to see it, yes.

That would depend on the reason why. If they came in because they thought my content was good, and I figured at least 1% of them would stick around to actually watch my videos from time to time, hell yeah, I'd be elated. On the other hand, if somehow my relatives bought up bots to watch my videos for me so that my statistics would attract actual viewers, then I'd be a little less ecstatic. :rainbowlaugh:

Saaame. I haven't yet voiced a self-indulgent murder fic, but that would be definitely something I'd be drawing emotion from if I did. :pinkiecrazy:

Too bad! You'll likely listen to it before you see it, unless you really would like to see it first. :moustache:

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