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OC Profile: Red Steel · 5:56pm Feb 27th, 2018

Sorry, again for posting this so late. If my laptop had been working last week I would have had it posted at the proper time, details on that in my previous blog. Anyway onto the next OC. This is a buffalo and through his role in the story is minor, his past is certainly not. I really got a lot down for this OC so I might just use him in more than one story, But for now here is his profile and backstory.


Name: Red Steel

Full Name: Red Steel Mountain

Title: None.

Appearance: a tall wall of muscle steel colored buffalo with red horns and gray eyes.

Clothing: A white native style robe with red strings and pink stripes on the back. On his head he wears a black feather.

Weapons: Two clear white wood tomahawks and a white wood spear with a black feather on it.

Personality: Quiet and seems timid upon first meeting. Despite this appearance he is an extremely good listener; in fact his hearing is incredibly well, so much that he can often hear things others can not He rarely talks and never has given a reason for this. In the end though he is a strong and loyal friend as well as a very capable fighter; being one of the few of the citizens in the village that can fight Silver Pear to a stand still.

Origins: He was once a powerful warrior in his tribe, being the right hand of the chief. He even had a big family and lots of friends. He was once very different from what he is now. What made him not speak comes down to a single moment that changed his life forever.

While on patrol a group of sirens attacked his tribe.Upon returning he found that most of the tribe had survived, however his wife had been killed and his daughter had been captured during the attack. The chief himself had also been severely wounded and could no longer walk. This filled Red Steel with great rage, he wanted revenge, yet he could leave the village again to find his daughter with the tribe in such disarray.

The tribe wanted their chief protected and gave little care for the needs of Red Steel’s daughter. So despite his growing rage he stayed and protect the tribe. In the end this proved this worse choice. Days later his daughter’s body was returned. Red Steel was horrified to find that she had been raped beaten to death. His couldn’t take it no more.

He left in the middle of the night, hoping to be back before anypony would notice. He had to take revenge for what happened. He hated himself for abandoning the tribe. But after a full night of searching he never found the the sirens. In the end he returned home.

Unfortunately this was what the sirens had wanted. He returned to the tribe only to find that all the homes had been burned. All save a small few of the tribe survived the attack. The sirens had planned out everything and Red Steel fell for it. He took the remaining members to another tribeland where they lived, hopefully in peace.

Since then he has never spoken. He buried the dead and mourn in graveyard for three days. On the third day a raven landed in front of him and stared at him for several minutes before ripping off two of it’s feathers and placing them at his feet. The raven left and Red Steel pick up the two black feathers and replaced his white feathers with them. He knew what this meant, he had to banish himself from the land. So he left to the north and was never seen again by the rest of his tribe.

Quote: None.

Background Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYdxC6AEKz4


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