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More art of Idol Hooves · 10:31pm Feb 14th, 2018

Some fresh art of Idol Hooves from crazeguy!

Idol as a pone

Idol as a 'ling!


Go leave him some love, yeah? Next chapter is coming along and I wanted to post these as part of it, but work-related delays came up and now I'm feeling guilty for not posting these links sooner.

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Comments ( 14 )

wow he really went all out on his disguise it's like two different ponies
this sarcasm :pinkiehappy:

That is the most Done With Your Shit expression I've ever seen in my life.

Sweet! :D

Say Vdrake, is there a particular picture you use that sort of epitomizes for you how Idol is supposed to look as a pony? I'd be interested to see it if there's one in particular you recommend!

not bade some good work. fangs are a bit much but all in all vary good.

I was going to go with "Idol Hooves is not amused." But your's is funnier.

Now I kind of want to see Idol as a nuLing.

This is the look he gave that one mare with her "dead" flowers and no one can convince me otherwise.

The power of that deadpan stare is overwhelming.

Oh great, now you gave me another idea that just won't go away in my head for quite awhile.

Makes me wonder what Idol would look like too.

I'm assuming some sort of stylish gray with black highlights or accents. Not something ostentatious or pastel, but I don't think you can avoid fancy.

Unreasonably angry? XD

I don't think he'd approve of the standard color scheme.

A nuling with a close-to-original color? Might be nice.

I thought Idol as white...

Only early on when he was wandering the desert

"The guard are not impressed by your lawbreaking, citizen."

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