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Interesting thoughts · 7:22pm Feb 12th, 2018

So having come back to FIM I decided to start reading through all of my old material, looking through crashed stories I've rewritten 6 times and some where I just hit a dead end. I also began reading through my own blogs as well as comments from long past. It was a very...enlightening experience. I noticed a few trends in my writing which I found to be a huge flaw throughout every draft and story I've created. I only took a concept, and tried to make a strong introduction and a strong ending but with nothing in between.

Hell this happened with TGE, I had a cast of characters, a concept, a twist, and the final chapters written out already. However, I had absolutely nothing planned for how to get to that point, due to being a new writer I just kept trying to wing it which without the prior skillset which I still mostly lack ended poorly.

Also another story I had that most don't remember or even read is Forged Insanities, which was exactly like TGE, I had a decent beginning, a concept, and an ending. However, this failed the hardest due to actually taking on mystery themes where preplanning is probably the most important step which I missed entirely. While the basic premise was actually somewhat original it fell flat due to lack of experience and lack of direction.

Then there was my first story on the sight which I deleted in a heartbeat after the 6th iteration. Because for this story while not displaced was still a HIE fic. It had what I thought interesting abilities, and I even had some of it planned. This is probably the example I learned the most from due to how it failed unlike the other ones. The main focus that drove the story was the main character being an edgy little shit where the only thing remotely interesting was his powers and how he came to get them. I did actually have a beginning, middle, and end for the whole thing but every character didn't feel real, actions seemed illogical on a fundamental level or illogical when considering their personality and morals.

This whole self reflection was caused by something that would seem rather unexpected, the self centered Joker or as he is now called Rogue Writer. I kept reading through old texts and had an odd thought that when I started out was that I had just about the exact same issues as he did. Only difference was he got followers and I was ignored, so seeing my lack of followers despite being younger kind of edgy it was clear I was doing something wrong with nothing to justify it. Then I got actual criticisms on my stories which I took to heart to improve so I can make some kind of contribution to not be forgotten.

I'd like to think I've improved a lot more from then, hell I had a different name as well which was Dragonblade0196-honestly not my best choice. While I'm sure no one will read this I mostly write for myself now, I used to do it to get some kind of recognition. For those that took the time to read this mess, I thank you. Have a good day

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Based on the basic principles that I have learned from the whole thing I might even start doing a mini writing advice thing. It certainly can be an interesting topic that could help. Although I already know others that have done a much better job then I ever could in that department.

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