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Happy Hearth's Warming · 3:52pm Dec 25th, 2017

Merry Christmas!!!!

From all of us. Well...except Dark Conquest, who is currently in his room. Mainly because he is suffering from a cold. How does he get a cold? Simple. Remember, he is the embodiment of hate fics and the emotions that spawn them. Christmas is a time for joy and happiness. This is like the anthesis to him.

Dark Conquest: ACHOOOOO! Shut up and finish this stupid message

Ok, so lets see, have fanart, tropes page, and the two tropes I had always wanted. Gee, all I need now is someone else (Not me) to read something and to get a plushie of one of my OCs delivered to me and I think I can retire with a big smile on my face.

But I want to lead off on that because I want to talk about something here. See, if I want a message to remain clear on Fall it’s this: You can remain true to your ideals in the darkest of times, there are more to people than than what you know, and lastly that there is and always will be hope. It is hard to find it, but once you find it and hold onto it, then everything will be better in the end.

I see so many people talk about how horrible things are, how horrific it’s been and how this means the  end of everything or that _________ will be the end of the net as you know it. And all I can think of is to say, please just get away from the computer for a moment and think. Think of all of the good that has happened to you in the past year, and then tell me about how bad it is. Because the truth is...it’s not. There is a lot of good out there in the world, bees and animals getting off the endangered list, new medicines and technologies, and good political moves out there that don’t get nearly as much news as they should.

All of the polictical badness you hear, that can be fought, and if not by you, then someone else. But, never let that consume you because it will hurt you in the end. I look at some of the reviewers I used to follow and think to myself “Do you ever have a day where you a genuniely happy?” That’s because they focus on only the bad.

That’s what I kind of hope some of you will take away from Fall. Yeah, the mane five were in the deepest bowels of hell at the beginning. Their lives were crappy and they looked hopeless. But, after much battle and heartbreak, things are looking up. Their world and lives have improved and they are all ready to start a new adventure.

That’s what I am going to do for the rest of my life. Will G5 be good? I dunno, it might be. The times of things like G3 seem passe as more and more people want the girl characters to be less cutesy and more like Mabel Pines (No, never watched Gravity Falls). Things like Star are becoming more common, and I would like to think Pony will fall into this trend too.

It kind of has already started, after all...There was no scene of Twilight and Tempest engaged in a badass magic duel like in that figure!!!!!!!!!!!!! That movie had none of that, none!!!!!

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Wise words, dear friend. Merry Christmas and a Happy Hearth's Warming. :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::raritywink::yay:

Sorry about the cold, Conquest. Drink plenty of tea, always helps.
Sweeten it with the tears of the O.P Bastard-Brother of Silver The Hedgehog you've got chained up in your basement.

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