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WHat??? A new chapter?! · 10:46pm Jan 20th, 2020

Yeah, End of Hatred is updated.


I have a lot to explain don't I.

As I said in the previous blog, I think I was experiencing some major burnout! Oh no, not Pony, I still love it to death and I still have plenty of stories to tell. No, the burnout was more on the author, the like, and being asscoiated with it. I just was feeling down on a lot of what I had finished and what I had been doing while so much had been hitting my head.

Now, let me make this clear so Fall doesn't get Magum Opus Dissonance. I will never, NEVER say that it was not worth it nor do I not want to look at it. I love it to death, I am proud of it, and will always be proud of everything I put in. It went from a fic I wrote only for my own fetish and fun, to something where I explored hatred, deconstruction, and my ideals. I looked into my own dark side (Conquest) and my own darker ideas (Kudos) and beat it. I saw what I loved to do and I embraced it. And...there is the problem.

When I was writing End of Hatred's latest chapter, I was stuck. Not on writer's block but...I'm a perfectionist, you see. If I don't think the material is up to my standards or to your standards, then I won't publish it. I realized that for the first time in 34 years of writing, I had a real audience who wants to see the next big thing! Who wants to see the next best part, the next deconstruction, the next beatdown I give to Starfleet's characters, or the next deconstruction/bashing I give to Marvel and DC comics. Hell, I paused at the rest of the chapters because I was obsessed about what to touch upon that no one else touched upon in the series (And I was afraid of bashing the modern comics because I didn't want to step on anyone's toes.)

And I just sat there, not liking ANYTHING I wrote. It just lacked anything what I thought you guys wanted from me, no deconstructions, no surprises, no nothing.

So, and I want you who suffer from writer's block to take this to heart, I did the only thing could do when I was not satisfied. I began to write other stuff. And it was a blast to do. However, this did make me feel a little mad at Hatred. WHy? Because it seemed like NO ONE ELSE read my other stuff. I had Burn Sentai Spirit out for WEEKS and inspite of me telling Spacebattles, Archive of Our Own, Fanfiction.net, and my Discord that "Hey new chapter of this Sentai crossover that plays Voltron straight and honors the classics". No one read it, like at all. Hell, I began to wonder if I was a one-trick pony and no one WAS going to like my non-pony, non-starfleet and end of ends stuff if I wasn't busy deconstructing it and destroying him for the 30th time in the row.

But, then I really started getting back into DND and doing my games with friends. And I began to get into Critical Role. and reading my Alchemy student stuff

How does this link up? Simple, playing DND, creating characters, watching those nerds? It reminded me that I love to write, no matter what. And what I love to do more than a deconstruction any day.

Write adventures and slice of life.

I mean, yeah, destroying that guy's crap is fun. Yeah, it's a blast and it won me fanart and fanfics, but you know what was the most fun I had with Fall? The moments where Applejack trained with Rainbow Dash, the mane six being friends, The hunt for the eight items, the stands against Grand Ruler, the lessons, the heartwarming moments, and all of that. I had a blast writign a silly scene where Rarity goes into labor and has her daughter while Fluttershy is being calm. That was who I am. Not this guy who deconstructs like Alan Moore and Ennis. But a creator who loves talking about the elements of a story and character like Gaiman and Peter S. Beagle.

It helped me to see that, I didn't need to put in a scene where I break down why House of M and Civil War was stupid, just Jean struggling with her powers and working through the emotions. I didn't need countless diatribes about new 52, just Raven being her. And I didn't need to look at why End of Ends sucked, you all know it. I just neeed to bring in Count Logan, make fun of his attire, and give a reason for the girls to go on a quest to stop him.

So, to make sure I could do an epic quest for a bunch of characters without deconstructing, you know what I did? I wrote a chapter of a One Piece adventure where Luffy and the otehrs find the treasures of Myr and go off to stopDark Water. I'm thinking of a finale to my Pony fics where the main six face down Tiamat and have an actual DND adventure. And I am trying to think of reasons why I shouldn't be writing a Sailor Moon fic where Usagi travels the multiverse to save her friends and stop the creator gods from destroying the multiverse.

And when I was done, I realized that, for good or bad, that was who I am. And I am ok with that chapter being released as it is. If you guys don't like it? Fine, just move on and do better next time. If Burn Sentai Spirit finally gets a tvtropes page as it should (Seriously, read it! Leave a comment when you do. I want to see people cheer on the rangers kicking ass with the Voltron force!) then it will be because people liked it and not because it's me destroying End of Ends. And when I write that sailor moon crossover. IT earn a tropes page because it will be the ONLY complete Sailor Moon epic fic out there that is good and has none of the scout bashing so many others have.

So, there it is. This is who I am. A guy who loves to write and craft for both myseif and others. Because I have fun. Because I like to make you all happy.

So, to all who come to my tales. Here, on my other account, to Archive of our Own, to Fanfiction.net, and anywhere else.

To the fans of Burn Sentai Spirit, and my other fics.

You may hate it, love it, or whatever, but as long as I keep making an impression? I'm good.

Signed, Legendbringer.

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