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  • 72 weeks
    What I would do differently

    As my main account announced, the Shooting stars fic is done and cancelled. And in it's place is something new. At the same time, a certain writer released season 10 of starfleet. and that got me thinking...what would I do differently.

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  • 116 weeks
    Random thought

    Random thought, but in a world where Duel Monsters is real...

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  • 116 weeks
    3rd anniversary

    OOOPS! Sorry, kind of forgot about something important.

    Sorry, but when your dream (A Sonic movie that did well and made big) came true you kind of frogot. Well, that and having some fun on other sites picking apart some new targets. And weapon making.

    More on weapon making later.

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  • 121 weeks
    WHat??? A new chapter?!

    Yeah, End of Hatred is updated.


    I have a lot to explain don't I.

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  • 140 weeks
    Evolution new chapter!

    Yay, a new chapter. No, I havent' watched all of the finale though I was spoiled and it ended the way I wanted it to.

    But, you are probably wondering why it took me over a year to finish. Well, it's a long story, and no it doesn't really have anything to do with my burnout or annoyance.

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Random thought · 12:47am Feb 29th, 2020

Random thought, but in a world where Duel Monsters is real...

This means that Yu-gi-oh as a show never exsists, wich means no anime to abridge. So this means that the anime that took Yu-gi-oh's place is actually Duel Masters, based on Magic the Gathering. And then this means that instead of Little Kuriboh abridging and getting the ball rolling, it's actually Lanipator who gets everything started with an abridged of Duel Masters. Kaibakorp later on buys the rights to Magic and creates a VR world where MTG is played in a virtual setting like WOW.

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