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MLP Marathon Bonanza S6 E10-12 · 10:36pm Nov 24th, 2017

So, I’ll be honest, it’s been a few days since I sat down to do this. I’ve been doing other things, see = Thanksgiving. What this means is that I technically watched some of these episodes awhile ago… but didn’t write reviews at the time, so now I’ll have to pull from memory. I’m sure it’ll all be fine.

Applejack’s Day Off

This is one of those episodes I feel like I would have forgotten about even if I was writing about it while I watched it. It’s another “Applejack is a hard worker” episode, and that’s basically been her defining character trait for god know’s how long. Hell, thinking back on it now, it’s almost comical in the Starlight Glimmer season finale where they travel through time that in the post-apocalyptic future the only pony still in Ponyville is Applejack… and she’s still working on the fucking farm. This is something that I, and everyone else, has complained about for basically every AJ episode from the first season until now, so I won’t harp on it too much more.

RD being really into spas is probably the only memorable thing in this episode.

Despite everything I said before, I don’t really hate this episode. It’s pretty mediocre all around. I enjoyed that Rarity and AJ have this special time they're supposed to spend together. That’s kinda cute and sweet, and it’s believable that AJ would keep spending all her time working instead of with her friends, but that doesn’t really make it a particularly compelling episode. It’s a mildly funny gag that when they finally get some spa time, AJ ends up just fixing some plumbing instead. I don’t know. It’s hard to find things to say about this episode because of how bland it is. I wish AJ had better episodes…

Flutter Brutter

Oh cool, an episode about Fluttershy’s deadbeat brother. I can relate to that because I am the deadbeat brother. I like that he thinks Rainbow Dash has a crush on him, even though it’s a little bit creepy now that I think of it some more. While Zephyr Breeze is incredibly douchey (that’s kinda the point) I like his VA a lot. They did a really great job capturing that “total asshole” feel.

So, I actually think this is a pretty good episode. Had I watched this maybe two or three years ago, I probably would have hated Zephyr too much to enjoy this episode, but a more mild me ended up enjoying it a lot more than I might have. I also think that there’s a really good moral in here about GETTING A FUCKING JOB AND MOVING OUT OF YOUR PARENT’S HOUSE. Oh, and also about helping out your family. Some good jokes in here as well.

Kinda liked this song more than I thought I would though.

Spice Up Your Life

Damn this episode. I’ve been craving Indian food for a few days and there’s no good Indian restaurants around me. While I generally liked this episode, and it has a pretty song, I think that Rarity saying you should be the same as everyone else to be popular is totally antithetical to her character, which is a real shame because it feels totally unnecessary to the story. They could have had a really good episode about these Indian ponies learning to say “fuck you” to the Canterlot elite, but inexplicably Rarity completely forgot her lesson from Canterlot Boutique. This fucking city just messes people up apparently.

Can we talk about how fucking Indian the name “Saffron Masala” is?

It’s a little bizarre to me that the ponies of Canterlot don’t like “exotic” food. Like, isn’t that half the appeal of fancy restaurants, or do I completely misunderstand food culture? Maybe Alton Brown has misled me my whole life. I do like that Saffron and her dad (husband?) have corresponding cutie marks, since his is saffron rice and Saffron’s is a saffron flower. That’s kinda cute. Oh, and I’m totally gonna go have some naan bread now.

Again, pretty good song though.[

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I kind of thought AJ acting like a literal chicken would have stood out more than it did.

No, specifically Zesty Gourmand doesn't like food with more than a hint of flavor -- I've said elsewhere that I think she's a supertaster -- and because she's a food critic, they follow the same herd mentality with regard to opinion that you see in "Green Isn't Your Color", "Sweet and Elite" and "Canterlot Boutique". Once ponies (Minuette? Really?) can be convinced to give it a try anyway, they seem to enjoy their meals.

Author Interviewer

He's her dad, let's just nip that in the saffron bud right now. :B

Does it come up in the episode and I just totally missed it, because I can't seem to remember it being mentioned.

Going by the transcript, she calls him "Father" or refers to him as "my father" eight times in the episode.

Until next time...
Anon e Mouse Jr.

And apparently it went over my head all 8 times. Must've failed that perception check.

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