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MLP Marathon Bonanza S7 E19-21 · 11:27pm Dec 12th, 2017

It Isn’t the Mane Thing About You

I went into this episode ready to be annoyed and probably kinda bored by a Rarity episode about fashion. I suppose I generally like those episodes, but they’re far from my favorite. However, I came away from this really enjoying it and finding it to be a pretty decent episode. It’s nice that we get to see Zecora again, and she actually does something that’s related to her character. Also, I of course like Punk Rock Rarity. I’m sure that along with the “Rarity is not a lemon” line got memed pretty good. Huh, a quick google search just now make it seem like the lemon thing didn’t really take off, which is odd. Usually people latch onto throw away lines like that. Well, whatever.

I like that Rarity hides under cape several times. It’s amusing.

One of the things I have a little bit of trouble reconciling in this episode is that the moral is a kinda fuzzy. Rarity suspects that people treat her differently based on how she looks, and she’s kinda not wrong. Like, that chaise lounge guy just gave away Rarity’s for a bit more money, which is kinda shitty. But at the same time, I don’t think it’s a bad lesson that part of being beautiful is being confident in yourself. I think that’s a legitimately good moral, but again it’s somewhat muddied by the fact that even if it’s not her normal style, the punk rock mane is not ugly. So, I dunno. Take that how you will. I’m pretty fine with this episode knowing that the writers surely don’t intend to teach people that only beautiful people are worthwhile. So, yeah. It’s a decent episode.

I do really like this look. Pretty badass.

A Health of Information

Wow, two episodes that feature Zecora in a row? What the hell is this?

Anyway, unfortunately the episode is nothing spectacular. I think there’s some decent stuff in here with Zecora and Fluttershy. Also, Twilight and Fluttershy spending a bunch of time reading books is mildly amusing, but at least Creole ponies is kind of interesting. It’s something I’ve never thought about before, even though we’ve seen swamps in the show. Much like the Egyptian ponies from a few episodes back, I’m always interested to see new groups of ponies introduced, and there’s a part of me that likes that bayou style of life. I mean, I personally don’t want to live it, but it makes for interesting stories. Also, the Swamp Fever is actually super dark for a pony episode. Like, people turn into fucking trees and die. That’s crazy dark, so I’m cool with it.

Zecora could use more screen time. She’s an interesting character.

I thought this episode’s moral was going to be that Fluttershy was unknowingly taking advantage of people who were willing to help because she’s cute or whatever, because that’s kinda how it starts off in the beginning with Zecora. However, the actual message is frankly pretty weird, especially in the way in which the characters learn it. I think it’s generally a good thing to teach people that you have to take care of yourself in order to help others, but the way this episode handles it is weird. Fluttershy and Twilight rush off to go find a cure and then Fluttershy gets stung and passes out for THREE DAYS. Are you really telling me that Twilight couldn’t just magic the honey out of the beehive in that time? I don’t know, it was very odd to me. Finally, when they solve the “puzzle” and realize they need to wear a specific mask, Fluttershy is still the one to help Zecora in the end. So, is the message you need to take care of yourself, or that you should work yourself to exhaustion, sleep it off, and then immediately wake up and continue? I feel like an asshole being hard on this episode, but it just felt so weird to me. Definitely not going on my favorites list.

The throwaway gag about Twilight and Spike having a baking contest is probably my favorite part of the episode. I could see that being a pretty amusing oneshot comedy fic.

Marks and Recreation

Well, at least we’re ending this review batch off fairly strong. I’ve basically always liked CMC episodes, and this one is no exception. I think it’s really cute that they decided to come up with a cutie mark day camp to try and help others figure out what they’re good at. It’s clever, fun, and utilizes the skills we already know they have, so it’s all around a pretty smart idea for the writers. Plus, we also have Rumble to act as the antagonist for the episode, and he’s quite good at it. I like where he’s coming from, because it seems believable to me that some ponies might feel that way about cutie marks. They’re worried that by finding out what their “special” talent is, they won’t have any other talents or time to do anything else. I think that’s a legitimate concern and it’s cool to have an episode about it.

“Paint me like one of your French fillies.

One thing that I was slightly disappointed by in this episode is the way Thunderlane is used. I was really hoping that the CMC were getting him to join so that he could show of his cutie mark and say how it didn’t pigeonhole him into anything. It’s been so long since I’ve seen Thunderlane’s cutie mark that I was thinking it was going to be something unrelated to being a Wonderbolt, proof that you can have various talents. But instead he just cooks some food and says he likes to cook, which is fine too, I guess. I definitely don’t dislike this episode at all, and I think it’s actually pretty strong, but I just feel like there was definitely a missed opportunity with Thunderlane to, using his own cutie mark, show that cutie marks aren’t a prison sentence. But, oh well, can’t have everything. The song is fairly decent though.

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Comments ( 4 )

Like, people turn into fucking trees and die. 

Did they explicitly say that they die? They could be stuck as the tree forever, or at least as long as the tree lasts.

Not that that's particularly less dark.

They sort of just gloss over the tree thing, but I assume that it would kill you, though like you say, being a tree forever isn't much less dark.

I too am surprised that no one did anything with “Rarity is not a lemon.”

I like that Fluttershy actually out-Twilights Twilight for a bit.

Yeah, especially considering that you'd continue to live on, perceiving the world however you would then perceive it, as other ponies/zebras/whatever else can be infected are eventually sprayed by flowers you were helpless to keep from dropping, and waiting for someone with an ax or a torch to bring you sweet release.

Seriously, why isn't that cure in the JEMA?

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