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There is a time to tell stories, and there is a time to live them.

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    BC2019 Top 16 Review: The Railway Ponies: Highball

    This is a review I did for "Luminaries," a now-defunct project I was invited to contribute to: getting a number of reviewers together to each write an in-depth essay on one of their favorite stories, each covering one by a different author. I jumped on The Descendant's The Railway Ponies: Highball as fast as I could, and as far as I know was one of only a few people (along with

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    Bronycon 2019

    In the airport, will take off in an hour. Looking forward to another con, hope to catch up with people from last time, meet some new ones. And pick up some books. Probably too many books.

    Also looking for suggestions of either things to do solo in Baltimore, especially Wednesday and Sunday nights, or info on open-invite/public/whatever con/pony people related events to check out if possible.

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    Happy Halloween, Ponyfolks!

    Have fun, stay safe, party responsibly!

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Happy Halloween, Ponyfolks! · 10:27pm Oct 31st, 2017

Have fun, stay safe, party responsibly!

Based on the below picture by the excellent LyraInJacket:

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Comments ( 7 )
Author Interviewer

Oh dang! :D I would not have guessed that, how cool!

I already commented on it on Cloudsville, but nice. :)

4713559 4713563 4713581
Thanks! Guessed what, PP?

Author Interviewer

Who the costume was :B

Did you have a different guess, or just no way to get from picture to Rampage? :P

Author Interviewer

More the latter.

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