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CanterlotKC Wrap-up Blog · 8:38pm Oct 30th, 2017

Oh boy, did I have a fun weekend.

Gotta hang with friends, meet new ones, host a panel and bunch of other nonsense. So, for pictures, swag and general tomfoolery, click below!

First and foremost, I gotta give a shoutout to all my friends who made the journey with me this year. We had Seventh Heaven, KairiPancakes, B_25, Notepad (aka The Nightingale), Jack of a Few Trades, Flutterpriest, Anonpencil and my boy Kestrel. You guys helped make an already fantastic experience even better!

Here's a nice group photo of us all minus B_25, because he was passed out:

(From Left to Right, Back to Front: Seventh Heaven, Jack of a Few Trades, Me, Kestrel, Note Pad, Flutterpriest, KairiPancakes, Anonpencil)

Just so he feels included, here's a pic of me and B_25 trying to look swag and failing to do so:

Now, here's some random pics of con happenings and swag I picked up:

(Terrible picture quality, but I won a Kim Possible drawing from ilovekimpossiblealot because I stumped her on a trivia question.)

(Chillin' like a Villain with a Spike artist I found by the name of Frist)

(Me, B and Seven trying to express our tragic backstories)

Here are the prints I got. A couple of them are a bit lewd (not pornographic though), hence the separate link.

(And, of course, a very cute commission someone did for me.)

Anyhow, I'll stop the nonsense here and just leave you with that. I had a great time, it was great to see you all of you guys. Let's keep the train moving forward, yo?


Comments ( 10 )

Looks like you all had a lot of fun.

*Looks at the prints you got*

Uh, some of those are a bit... lewd.

Hmm, you might be right. Not expressly pornographic, but maybe a bit much. I got this.

Damn, that looked like fun.

Oh dude, it was a blast. A nice break from all the chaos of real life.

Which Kansas City was this? There's actually a few of 'em.

...I'm just gonna assume it was the one actually in Kansas.

It was technically in Overland Park, which is on the Kansas side, so you'd be correct. :raritywink:

Woo! Assuming does pay off!

You got more art than that. :P

Dat SpiKe drawing, though. It's actually in my special art folder where I keep pieces I refuse to get damaged.

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