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Doki Doki Literature Club · 7:12am Oct 26th, 2017

Hello everypony, long time no see. I know how e̳̝a̜͙̥̝͎̺g͎̞er̟̰ ̖͕̯ everyone is for some miraculous pony words or the like. Well good news and good news. I got a better job and finished my last day at a job so aw̛f̡ul ͤ͐̎ that if I never mention or think about it again, I will die an infinitely happier man.

Today I come with a game r̷e͏c͘o̴mm̨e͠nd̷ation͞ ̸ and I haven't even finished it yet, I just got to a point in the game best summarized by this iconic meme.

The game is a Japanese Dating Sim with a Psychological Horror tag and a b͢ea͝ut̛iful disclaimer overlaid on 4 questionably-legal aged anime schoolgirls. It's a game like Undertale where explaining more would devalue the game, as this is a game purely about your experience in playing through it wi̧ţho̸ut ͞ knowing what is coming.

But yes, you heard right, this game is not suitable for children or weebos, or anyone who can't go on rollercoasters due to pre-existing medicàl ́ conditions.

Who it is suitable for though, are all you fans of mine that love a dark tragedy, heartache, and p̲̟͎a͖̖̮̹̝̬i̖̝͚̙̱n . In other words, the best of us.

Doki Doki L̨it̸e͞r̢at͠u͘r̸e͡ Club

So I'm not saying that if you play this game I'll magically finally come back to the fandom and write story updates for you all. What I am saying is that if you play this game then for at least 4-6 hours, you'll forget all about FimFiction and have a unique experience that few, if any, games attempt and even fewer still achieve.

If MLP taught me anything it's that the more cute and innocent the premise, the better the story.

Report Kaidan · 1,294 views · #psychological horror
Comments ( 6 )

That is an awesome game

welcome back friend i am happy to see life has taken a much need turn for the good for you.

Ah, THIS game. Was super into it until the cheap jumpscares happened. Psychological Horror I can take, but even the lightest jumpscares are a deal breaker. Shame really.

Played it but them bad jumpscares, im a cod and destiny mare :pinkiecrazy:

I might regret it, but I'm curious now.

Played it.

Must show to everyone I know now.

So. Good.

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