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Alicorn King CYOA: Powers Part 1 · 2:04am Oct 13th, 2017

Anyway, moving on...powers! After all, I'm not just gonna let you into this world without juicing you up a bit. You get about...eh, let's say ten points to spend on following list. However, remember that some cost more, either on its own or if you already picked an opposite or otherwise conflicting power. Getting powers in a similar vein will cause abit of synergy, but getting opposites covers more weakness.

Oh, and one more thing. You have to designate one of selected powers as your main affinity. This will be stronger than the rest by far and will be the power most iconic to you.

Necromancy- Raising the dead, simple enough. Not true resurrection mind you, mearing reanimating corpses: ghosts, skeletons, zombies, ghouls, etc. You can only summon a dozen or so a time. If taken as Main, can turn the living and dead into vampires, liches, and other greater undead and raise up to three dozen lesser undead. Note: Using the Orb on an undead will bring them back as an Necromantic Alicorn based on the type of undead, and using it on a Greater Undead will result in Lich Alicorns, Vampire Alicorns, etc. Please don't make them sparkle, Twilight's already a reference. Cost double if you have Biomancy.

Biomancy- Necromancy's long lost brother. This is where evolution and intellegent design meet, allowing you to manipulate a living creature's body and genetics to your desire. These will be temporary or permanent at your will, but the stranger things get, the harder and longer it takes to change. Does not do actual healing, but you can help make a creature immune to a poison or some such. If taken as main, you can make chimeras and frankstein-esq creatures with relative ease, but is still time consuming. Warning: Creation can and often will be given sentience, so there is a risk of them turning on you. Cost double if you have Necromancy.

Chaos- Ahh, my feild of expertise! Sorry to say though, you don't get powers like me. You just cause things that can happen, to happen. Like a cart wheel coming loose, or someone dropping their money bag, etc.You also will be able to find a Rube-Goldberg in any situaiton need. Meaning that you know what person to trip or what ball to knock over to cause a strange, wakey, coincidental domino effect that was have your desired result: someone dunked in punch, an opening to escape, and so on. If taken as main, you'll be able to do this on a massive poltiical scale, like creating a societial revoltuion or starting a World War. Just be careful with the fallout. Cost double if you have the misfortune of having Order.

Order- Gag, this party pooper. Still, I should advertise it. As a creature of choas, its hard for me to explain though. Basically, where as mine helps you find the best time and moment to cause the most damage, figuratively and literally, this helps you "feel" where things and individuals would work best to keep things running smoothingly. As a main, this will help run your government and kingdoms, allowing you to pick up on problems such as fincial misspending, miscontent subjects, lacking of military, corrupt officials, things like that. Things that are "out of order" as it were. Not to say you'l know the exact issue instantly, but you'll know where to start looking. Helpful long term, but keep in mind, this thing has one thing in common with chaos: it doesn't sway towards any one morality, so it will make you an effective Dark Lord if you go down the path. Costs double if you have the pleasure of being Chaos.

War- Ohhh, this one. THIS is long over due for the ponies. Don't get me wrong, I'm not much of a killer, but the ponies have been getting thier flanks kicked in outright combat for ages. This will change that for you, making you competitant in all forms of combat and at finding a weak point in your enemies. You'd be able to take on a full grown dragon without magic eventually, Mr Alicorn "John Wayne" King. As a main, you'll become a god of stretegy and tactics, your mastery of warfare becoming a magic onto itself. Costs double if you have Peace.

Peace- this is more of the same for ponies, and I swear Celestia has it's ability as secondary Main somehow. You get incredible diplomacy skills. I know, sounds lame, but you'd be amazed what some would happily sell their soul for. Where as Order keeps things running, Peace prioritizes making others happy by finding a compromise that allow all parties to be content with their lots. This really helps with the benevolent angle and keeps infighting to a minimum. As a Main, it works in a more specific and personal level: It allows you to help put others at peace with themselves. I know, sounds like a therapist, but this can put them at peac with....just about any concept. Helps in spreading your ideals and changes among the ponies. No one ever said Peace was an All-Good thing. Costs Double if you have War.

Oh, and to answer the inevitable question? No elemental powers are opposites. Put enough earth or wind on fire and it'll go out. Elemental opposites is a mortal mental construct. Except light and dark, but those two are always too serious.

Sorry its so short, I only recently got back to this. Don't worry, this is far from all of the choices, but these are some of the big ones. There will be a bunch of elementals and, yes, I'm doing away with the idea that any elements but light and dark are opposites.

Again, if you have ideas for the CYOA, feel free. And any comments and suggestions about what's already been given are welcome as well.

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Comments ( 14 )

what is THIS? this looks interesting but I no idea what it's for

*raises hoof* Two quick points. First off, long live chaos. Secondly, why is everyone on this first list female? Cause, ya know, I like guys. *awkward silence*

um I pick biomancy for main and war for sub? I am very confused as to what this blog is about

Maybe society is not liberal enough to accept an homosexual king?

Or maybe the person that became the King is only attracted to females.

thanks to this blog I found out that there was another blog that explains more so for anybody who reads this and is also confused go read a previous blog

thinking about it, why cant you also use the orb if you choose biomancy? craft your ideal alicorn (and hope she doesn't turn on you) or take a pony like creature and make them your queen

Okay so, if I choose Biomancy as a main and got the horn of Apeiron, would I be able to transform myself?

If it were an option, I'd 100% try for Discord or Thorax. Discord would probably say no, but you can't blame a guy for trying.

What if time mastery could allow for actual claiming of past versions of a target? Like, bringing back to life AJ's parents.

That would assume that time traveling is a power. XP

I didn't say you couldn't do that, I was just pointing out that using the orb on an undead will bring them back to life and ascend them.

I'm straight, so I don't intend to write anything yaoi. That said, anyone wanting that route is free to use the Orb on a guy and not genderbend him- just assume the orb picked up on what you or your OC prefer. The Orb is essentially suppose to be the key to all other options.

Of course, if you're a straight female, you have multiple options: follow this with a Rule 63 Equestria in mind, assume the crown made you a futa, or just take the orb and turn a male character into your hubby.

Seriously, people, this is a CYOA for fun and, more importantly, this is Discord guiding you: one is for fun and the other isn't exactly a stickler for rules. Neither one is going to prevent you from bending the rules of the suitor stuff to suit your personal preferences.

So, if I read it right, you could use Peace to subtly manipulate others?

So far, this seems kinda fun, would try it out if I could.

Is there going to be next one, if so when roughly?
Also how many points does each power cost?

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