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Alicorn King CYOA Draft · 10:45pm Aug 2nd, 2017

Hello my friends! Today, I bring interesting news. When not writing for my fics, me and my beta occasionally write little back-and-forth PM-stories, along with other little project that probably won't see the light of day. One of them is an attempt to create our own CYOA after reading many others, heavily inspired by the Fairy King and Vampire CYOAs of Sockminister.

We're not eactly done with it yet, but we have a good set up so far, and I thought I might share it with you all:

Discord: Hmm, well, well, well. Looks like someone got lucky. I really don't know how you did it. I hid that crown ages ago. Were you an explorer in your realm? Collector? Just get it in the will from a crazy grandma? Doesn't really matter, I suppose, and its more amusing in my head. What does matter is that it worked for you.

So, long story short: That gaudy little crown of yours? Its a magical artifact. Well, technically its a paper weight now, but still. Its purpose was to turn someone worthy into the King of the Alicorns.

Hence why you're now a winged, horned horse. They prefer pony though. What's an alicorn? Oh, right, that's not a common word across the multiverse. They're immortal, perfect-formed ponies who have reached the highest state of their existence, someway or another. Basically, a god. Which makes you King of the Gods. Pony Gods at least, but most others won't buck with you either.

Yes, I said buck. You'll get use to it. Of course, you can swear as much as your kingly self desires. Actually, please do: more amusing for me.

And don't ask why you. Even I, the God of Chaos, don't know.

Don't worry, I'm friendly. Now. Ish.

Moving on! Where was I? Ah, yes, King of the Gods. Or Goddesses really. You're the only male alicorn to date. Can't wait to see their reactions to you! Now, of course, this comes with the right to rule over all of ponykind, including the other Alicorns.

You can take that however you want: try and build a utopia in your image, lead ponies to war for control of the world, or just let the alicorns run things as is.

However, that said, there are some....options you need to decide right about now. Which is why I'm here. You're going to be the biggest change in history, so I want to help you move things along so I can watch the dominos fall.

First things first, I'll give you some physical choices. Unfortunately, the base form of Alicorns is locked in stone, which is a real shame...but I can give you some alterations to it to help make you more iconic. Pick...oh, I don't know, how's about three of the following?

Extra Horn: Ah, this is a fun one...makes you into a Bi-horned Alicorn. Since horns are what controls magical ability for ponies, you'll be a much stronger mage. Prepare for a lot of jokes referencing your third horn.

Bat Wings: Heh, a small subset of ponies have leathery bat wings instead of feathered wings. They're a marginalized group, so picking this would definitely give you their support, as well as the ability to fly silently. Plus, they look so much cooler.

Titan Strength: See, as the first male Alicorn, you're already going to be physically stronger than your fellow Alicorns...but this turns it up to 14. You'll be able to lift entire buildings on your back without trouble and you'll be almost impossible to knock down. Don't worry, the earth pony part is really good at controlling their own strength.

Snake/Dragon Tail: It could be considered either, or both. Don't worry, it'd be a bit more thin and elegant than my own. But it will be extremely prehensile and with a lot of practice you can channel magic into it to effectively work as a second, or third, more flexible horn. Also great for balance and all that.

Changeling Chiton: Changelings are like the batpony in that they're a subspieces of ponies. Unlike them, they're not recognized as such, being entities that need to drain love. Some of them have "evolved" past this, but their are still plenty on the old side of the fence. Your Chiton will resensible the old changelings an will be completely retractable, forming an armored line on your back. When it fully covers your body, you are much harder to injure, magically or otherwise. They also grant you some illusionary shapeshifting abilities. While advantageous, more common ponies might be convinced you're just a changeling controlling the alicorns. You'll look badass though.

Hooves of the Windego: This is less sinister then a pony would think. Unlike their names sake, you don't feed on disharmony and conflict, but you are able to sense it to some degree. More importantly, your hooves gain a few minor abilities: walking on water, making fly and even walking on air easier, and the ability to generate and manipulate cold. This could go from cooling your favorite drink to creating a blizzard if you learn pegasi weather manipulation. The only cosmetic change if your hooves glow a soft blue and always generate a bit of mist.

Horn of Apeiron: This treads into my territory, a bit. This allows you to learn the "rules" of reality and figure out how to rewrite. Lucky for you, these changes are much harder to undo unless your want them undone. This means you can alter reality, but don't get too excited. Its much more subtle at first and takes a long time to figure out. Granted, this will make all other fields of magic that much easier to master, and bending the rules will come naturally in a fight.

Extra Wings: Not much to say. Other than you become a sky god. HAHA! Not even joking, you'll fly with ease and unnatural grace, and the sky heeds your command all the easier. With time, or a LOT of rage, you'll be summoning Hurricanes on the drop of a hat. You could also get rid of a hurricane too, for the record. As a bonus, if you picked batpony wings, you can choose if these are all batpony or mixed. Mixing is more cosmetic than anything.

Extra Hooves: Only two. Sleipnir would sue us if we went eight. But while it'll be a bit tricky to get use to them, having six legs has some advantages. Speed, strength, agility, and etc. It also makes you more inclined to Earth Pony magic: a largely unexplored field of magic, but you could reveal that earth ponies are quite able to control certain elements: dirt, metal, plants, lava. They could bend the other elements as well, but the more related to earth it is, the more likely it is to work and be easier for them. You, on the other five hooves, would have the potential to master all the elements. Try not to get stuck in ice.

Elemental Mane: I say elemental, but your mane and tail can resemble just about anything- fire, water, clouds, seaweed, sky, lava, etc This will naturally make you more inclined to whatever you picked, so pick carefully.

Chimeraism: Okay, this I have to advise against. This basically a gamble option, changing your limbs randomly. Ponies will have hard time believing you're a pony, let alone an alicorn. Trust me, not everyone can pull off this look as good as me! Granted, you could get some very fantastic things, but you can also get lame ones. The alicorns will still recognize you as one of their own, but they might think we're related.

My, my, what lovely choices. I can't wait for the princesses to get a look at you. But before we worry about them, you have a bigger problem to deal with.

That being: "Where the buck am I going to live?"

No, not me, YOU, Kingy.

You have quite a few options, to be honest. As the King of Alicorns, all the alicorns and several other rulers would be happy to play host to you and your reign. But having your own place does have its merits, such as the statement of self reliance.

Live In Canterlot: Ah, the capital city of Equestria, the home of two of the current Alicorns, whom I'll introduce you to later. It's not a bad choice, since it means you'll quickly gain the respect and attention of the nobles as well as the current leadership. But trust me, it's as dull as being trapped in stone for a thousand years...what? Oh, nothing, nothing...

Live in the Crystal Empire: An old land that only recently rejoined Equestria, one with a people used to Tyrants but who'd probably love you if you're magnanimous. Trust me, ponies are all about understanding and forgiveness...well, that and enough pastel colors to make me puke. Of course, it's currently run by one of the Alicorns and her husband, but we'll deal with THAT later.

Live in Ponyville: Originally associated with Equestria, it's only recently become its own land thanks to the fourth Alicorn establishing herself here. Technically still apart of the old country, but Twilight could have as much autonomy there as she wants if she were inclined. Honestly, if you're looking to get the best idea of modern ponies and learn the commoners' problems, this is the place to live. Plus, I live there too, so ya know, you'd get to spend even more time with me!

Make Your Own Castle: Very adventurous, but also a striking statement that your reign will be as original as possible and not rely on what others have built. I do so admire an adventurous spirit too, so I suppose if you pick this, I'll gift you a full staff of guards, cooks, maids and others, just because I like ya.

Hmm? Oh, no, there are some other options.

Live in the Everfree: Remember those two living in Canterlot? Yes, well, the center of Equestria use to be in the Everfree, but the castle has long since been abandoned. You'll have to deal with cleaning it up a bit and the hazardous wildlife. Less adventurous and more difficult, but taming these lands will get you great respect and the wildlife might even recognize your rule over time. Its also right next to Ponyville, so, you know, you can bunk over there if your get in a tight spot.

Live in the New Changeling Castle: Yes, new. As I said, they've evolved. Their chiton is now this bright colorful fur and they no longer need to feed on love since they share it. This doesn't have a lot of advantages, but these lings are still new to their new selves, especially their king, a guy called Thorax. Look for the antlers, you can't miss him. This would probably put you and this race on a shared journey of self discovery, along with helping smoothing over old grudges against them, meaning they will probably come to revere you and become closely associated with you.

Live with Chrysalis: Honestly, I can't help you much with this one. I don't know WHERE the hold outs are, but you'll be teleported near them. Not too sure why you'd do this. Trying to bring them over from the inside? Want to take over and let both kinds of lings find a peace? Hard to say with you. Just be warned, Chrysalis is a bit crazy, and not my kind.

That's about it for castles, but you do have a few other options. These are...a bit oddball, but I wouldn't be me if I wasn't offering. These are all either unoccupied or otherwise welcome you. These are also places you might want to find one day even if you don't take them.

The Dark Tower: A good place if you're going for the more authoritative route, or pure out Dark King of Ponykind. I won't begrudge you. Besides, if you lose, they'll probably friendship you into being nice. This also comes with a library of dark magic, its own self defense system that I'll key you too, and a the creatures around are easily brought over to serving a dark king if he proves his strength.

Eqlantis: Not to be confused with Seauestria, home of the Seaponies. This was once an island empire of great magic and progress until some dashing fellow sunk it to the bottom of the sea. What? Don't look at me like that. You'd have access to a lot of ancient technology, and the best part is that you can control the weather around the island- or more like it'll keep anything from leaving that you don't want to leave. Its all mostly ruins, but a small portion of it was able to survive via putting up dome before I- I mean, before they went under. Word of advice, take the princess as a consort. Yes, you can still raise the city even if you don't pick this, just not for a few years or decades.

Paradise Island of the Amarezon: You're really lucky. This is a land populated by nigh immortal, and very beautiful warrior mares, along with a few other races, who don't allow males on their island. Even me! Unless said males happens to be the King of the Alicorns. In exchange for your protection, which they actually don't need unless the outside world finds them, they're more than willing to pamper you and allow you to take some as concubines or bodyguards. Also, if you find this place on your own and they attack any of your subject, they will beg forgiveness. Again, King of the God(desse)s.

Sky Islands: This is gift from me, by the way. I'll make you a large land mass that defies gravity and can separate into smaller chunks at will, but it is very straining at first. Very hard to invade, but trade and overpopulation are things that you'll have to work out at some point. Also best to invest in some railings or something for the non-flying communities.

Ah, excellent choice. I'm sure you'll love your shiny new home, though you might have problems with noisy neighbors...eh, I'm sure they'll quiet down once Nyarly comes back...what? Oh, nothing, nothing...

Anyway, now we move onto my favorite part...your Queen.

Yes, you get a Queen, don't look so stunned. What kind of king would you be without a Queen? Besides, they're all gorgeous and uniquely talented in their own ways...and don't EVER tell them I said that.

Princess Twilight Sparkle: The newest princess, a former student of the eldest Alicorn, she's an odd mixture; at one moment, neurotic in the extreme with OCD like you wouldn't believe...and the next, a peerless hero of her people willing to fight any odds and take on any challenge for her family, friends and nation. That said, she's a smart mare with a good head on her shoulders and all she really needs in a King is someone who can keep her calm and not panicking. And, in terms of a physical relationship, well...she's fantasied about master/student roleplay before, as well as anything involving an office or throne room. Read into that as you will.

Princess Luna: Second oldest of the Alicorns, younger sister to Celestia. Old Luny presides over the night and the moon, so you'll probably become at least partly nocturnal married to her. Due to someone that honestly wasn't me this time, she was sealed away for a thousand years. She's adapting to modern society well, but is still old school in a lot of ways and is reinventing herself a bit. You'll have plenty of bonding over learning the exact/modern details of this world and making your own styles of ruling, but she can be a bit hotheaded at times. She's also very interested in these modern kinks and fetishes, but don't expect her to roll over for you. She's a bit prideful, you see. On the upside, she'll encourage you to get a herd, or harem if your prefer. She might even expect it.

Princess Celestia: THE Alicorn. THE Princess. She's been ruling Equestria for over a thousand of years, about that long on her own after Luna went on vacation. I'll admit it, she's kind and patient. She'll teach you everything and anything that you need or want if she knows it. Having reigned as long as she has, she's more than willing to step back and allow you to run things with her as an adviser. And if you eve get confident to lead without her input, she's more than willing to retire to being your attentive broodmare. If you don't get it, that basically means she'll be your sex slave. Yeah, she's been aching for companionship and to hand over the reigns for centuries. Oh, and she is Alicorn of the Day and the sun, if you didn't guess from her sister.

Princess Flurry Heart: Okay, I have to explain this one. The only other alicorns currently are Princess Cadenza, call her Cadence, and her baby daughter Flurry Heart. Wait, wait, I know you're not a Pedo!.....You're not, right? I'll take that look as a no. Anyway, being immortals, you're both more than capable of waiting. Cadence, being he Alicorn of Love, will be a bit peeved about it but will ultimately won't protest as long as she believes you will be a good stallion for her baby and that Flurry grows to love you. Flurry Heart is very powerful for her age, and being so young makes her malleable. Keep in mind, she'll be legal in two decades and for an eternity afterwards. Than again, you two might end up hating each other, so yo know, an investment on a gamble.

Queen Chrysalis: Yeah, the Lady of the Darklings herself, Queen of her people and a desperate, evil, love-sucking leech...or so you might believe. Honestly, she's been dealt a fairly raw deal so far in life, given the being trapped in a volcano for a thousand years thing, not to mention the fact that Thorax proved that her people can change but she hasn't yet confronted it. She would need someone to chip away at her shell...pun only slightly intended, and help her maybe even evolve like Thorax has...or help her rule Equestria with an iron hoof...eh, one or the other. As for kinks? Well, she's too proud to submit in public but...well, if you can prove your dominance over her, she'll be your doting submissive in private. Kind of like Celestia, except Tia wants to be bred a lot while Chrysalis just wants to buck.

Ember, Dragon Lord: Oooh, this is a good one. Technically, you're of two different species, but she's a royal so I still included her. Now, she's kind a like Flurry Heart in that she's not quite yet of age...BUT, she's much closer than Flurry Heart, being around about 12 or so in your terms. AKA, she's only around six or seven years from being legal. Personality wise, she's an even mix of haughty princess and natural hothead. She needs someone willing to be her daddy, in a way...someone willing to take her over their knee and spank that scaly ass...which, as it turns out, is also her kink! Beyond that, she's still figuring out the ruling-thing as well. Plus it'd be good for dragon-pony relations.

Nightmare Moon: Ah yes. Remember what I said about Luna getting sealed away? Nightmare Moon is why. She possessed and took over Luna when she was getting all jelly over the ponies liking the day and sleeping through the night. The ponies think she's gone, but she's not. She's currently kind of a ghost, plotting to take over Equestria, but it'll take her several centuries to try it.....unless of course, a very powerful Alicorn were to aid her. Don't worry, you're literally too powerful for her to take over; you'd fry her instinctively and she knows it. But just agreeing to marry her will give her a body of her own. From there, it depends on you. If you're cowed by her, she won't treat you like a slave, but she'll definitely be the one in charge. She'll still be grateful for your help though. If you stand up firmly to her, she'll appreciate your will and agree to rule as equals. She'll only acknowledge you as her better after a century or two of besting her. She's flexible on what end of a kink she is on and doesn't mind involving others so long, but her one weak spot will become thinking you like a different mare more than her. Paradoxically, she's very understanding and lenient regarding one nightstands and drunken affairs. As long as you don't forget that she is your queen an true mate, and help her plans for world domination, your time is your time.

Alicorn Orb: If you want to pick none. Well, not really none, so much as in none of the above. You need a queen,but you don't need one right away. So, if you'd rather do it the old fashion....wait, arranged marriages are old fashioned. This is new fashioned. Still, if you'd rather go out and fine your own mate on your own, I will give you this orb, allowing you to turn one mare into an alicorn to be you queen. Don't worry, it can't break or be used on accident.

That's all fo- oh, wait, I missed one!

Screwball, Daughter of Discord: Wait, how did THAT get there?! Screwball, have you been messing with Daddy's magic again?!....Hmph, okay, I have a daughter. She looks a bit underage most of the time, but she can change her age, and her form to a lesser degree. Marrying her essentially means being married to a delightful little ball of madness.

Look, if she put herself in here, that means too things. One is that she likes you enough to try out marriage. The other is that my Little Abomination is growing up! Yes, I'm crying fatherly tears dammit!...Anyway, moving on! So, getting her will basically make you an honorary Prince of Chaos. The benefits are wide, vague, and sometimes not good. Small risk of madness. This also makes you, obviously, my son in law and I'll do everything in my power to keep my little filly from losing her stallion. I'll even be your adviser, as long as you make her happy. We'll probably have lots of fun and we can finally prove to ponies that Chaos can and is a good thing! As for kinks......wow, I'm actually not embarrassed to talk about this. Anyway, she has none, yet. But she's up for anything. Also, she loves chin scratches. And pickles. And her caribou jammies. And my old horn she nibbles on. And her cactus juice.

.....I'm going to miss my baby girl. I need a moment.

Ah, a lovely choice for a Queen...seriously, her? With any luck, your home will soon be a wonderful little family area with...

Excuse me, I just gagged a bit from how saccharine that was. Seriously, what schmuck's writing this crap?

[If picked Screwball]: Well, well...looks like I'm your father-in-law now, buddy...really, I only have two rules. Take good care of my baby girl and don't ever call me daddy and I'll help you out wherever I can.

Anyway, moving on...powers! After all, I'm not just gonna let you into this world without juicing you up a bit. Anyway, pick...eh, let's say ten of the following...

Any way, that's it for now. I hope you all enjoyed this and have some input to make on it. I might even make this into a Proper CYOA one day.

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Comments ( 24 )

That was interesting. I have to ask though, doesn't the amount of allowed variables mean you are going to have to do that much work? You would have to write for any three paired body traits in mind at each point a choice comes up and it would be even worse with the ten powers in effect. I can see why you wouldn't want to make it just a one and done choice but that would require significantly less work on your part if you did.

Eh, again, inspired by Sockminister. The Vampire and Fairy Kings CYOA allowed a lot variables, even physical traits. Granted, this is the rough draft, so we might simplify this by including the physical traits among the powers.

Besides, if one can write and keep track of the many limbs of Discord or the alicorns, and Pinkie Pie in general, I think this isn't too bad.

Glad you liked this though.

Interesting concept.

Heh, now I want to write a story that allows the readers to influence on the main character.

Is that against the rules here?

No. There's actually a fic already like that, called The Influence.

A few inputs.

One, in the Everfree, there's another race in it revealed in the comics. The deer.

There's also the options of other nations.

And you didn't mention the appearance of the Horn of Apeiron.

And for Earth Ponies... I feel they have a weak but wide spread affinity for life/creation. Many earth ponies are either gardeners, medical specialists, or crafters of one thing or another, thus specializing in creation and manipulation of said creations or the like. Weak directly, but wide effects over time.

And how are you gonna go about with all this CYOA thing?^^

You could also be king of places like the lands for minotaurs and the lands for zebras, heck even the lands for diamond dogs.

Oh, and zebra magic is also an option. It's not as big or showy as pony magic, but it seems to be integrally interconnected with the magic around the land. Slow, but potent, more potent and more immediate if gradually stored into items enchanted to hold the magics that are molded.

And heck, why limit it to Eques? Discord has shown powers over portals to other realities. Places like Sunset's human world, or even Discord's own land of chaos, are also options to rule over. Maybe even having Discord's home location be mobile or something.

There's also Griffonstone too. Heck, even 'Our Town' as well, which would likely be in a location where magic for alteration has an affinity for, thus the rock that contained cutie marks.

Another comic revealed another location via time travel where cats were in charge in an egyptian theme.

And another comic revealed ancient murals showcasing another alicorn.

Speaking of alicorns, perhaps the creation of Daybreaker is also an option.

And who said that females are the limits to being one's queen? What if, by choosing a male as a queen, they're instantly converted into a female version of themself? Like Tirek for example. Or even Shining Armor.

Speaking of, Tirek's homeland, where imps, centaurs, gargoyles, and even Dragoneques seem to originate is an option. It's a harsh land, where magic seems to be a near myth, something believed to only exist in distant lands. Hmm.... I have some theories on dragonequi now too, thanks to recent episodes, if you're interested.

Also, whom said the queen had to be living in the normal sense? What if choosing a sentient object would turn said object into an alicorn? Like a specific element of harmony or the tree of harmony itself, or heck, what if the mirror was chosen and converted into a mare with the specialties of dimensional travel and traveller alteration?

Oh, and another species is that one-eyed goat from the backstory of griffonstone. I saw a fic call them Arimaspi. Another comic also had a cave troll as a species too.

Oh, and there's also the indian like buffalo. Or the yaks as well.

This story is proof that Discord can't give up his chaos. That aside I hope to see this soon. Looks like a barrel of laughs, a ton of fun, and a banana peel.

Oh, and who says the queen even has to be originally living or among the untaken? For not living, what if the queen was a revived and changed Pear Butter or Bright Mac, or more important figures, like Clover the Clever or Starswirl turned mare of marry-able age? And as for untaken, one can only imagine the complications that would come about if you took one of the mane six's parents.

Oh, and you can also add the physical option of zebra stripes, to grant the affinity for magic and enchanting items that zebras have.

Oh, and how and where do you think you might try out this CYOA concept you have in mind? As you can tell, you've got me quite interested in regards to the possibilities.

Oh, and also, who knows whom would have gotten the crown? Sure, it could be a pony. But what if it were a human that were dragged in? We know that Discord could make portals to other realities after all.

i cant tell you how happy i am to see this is a thing. I love CYOA's

I like it so far. Would like to see the inclusion of the griffon lands, D-dog lands & zebra lands as places to setup shop. As well as Seapony/Siren, Zebra & Crystal Pony physical perks.

BTW, could we get some info on the princess of Eqlantis?

Also, taking a page from the many other CYOA; optional negatives that give you more points for a category. Examples;
~Enemy Nation: I don't know what you did, but {Insert Nation Here} hates your guts and the guts of your allies/peasants. Expect your kingdom to be attacked regularly.
<Gives +2 points for the Physical Alterations category.

~Deficiency: The crown was unable to make you into a properly balanced alicorn. You are Deficient in a tribe's magic. Cannot be taken alongside perks that boost the deficient tribe's magic.
<Gives -80% to the strength,skill & passive bonuses of a tribe's magic.
<Gives +1 points towards the Physical Alterations category.

That's it for now. Might whip up a list of suggestions for additional places to live, physical alterations & possibly more consort choices. Might even put together a traditional visual guide for the CYOA.

Any intentions to continue this?

Is there going to be anything that comes out of this? Cause I do very much like the concept behind it.

Take a look at some of my CYOAs.



Feel free to copy anything you want from them.

They've got some good stuff in there.

On the option of Queen.

I would use the orb and I'd pick Starlight Glimmer.^_^


Thank you all for the input! I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you all on this, but....well, if you saw my other blogs, you know I got a job that turned out to be horrible and quit. So, yeah, was a bit preoccupied and I've been getting my mind adjusted to being off nightshift.

I'm considering throwing in other, non-pony nations but those would probably be the more difficult places/choices since this for an alicorn. However, I will change the Orb to including anything female, but if you really WANT to Genderbend someone with it, it will work, lol. For anyone dead, I'm going to say you need necromancy and the orb to pull that off. Yes, that will be an option in the power section. Which might include abilities based on Seaponies and Zebras, and other races.

Regreme- you had al ot of input and I loved the passion and the ideas, which will help a lot with the next draft of this. XP The one I will call out for now- taking someone else's mate is allowed. A bit douche, but there's nothing stopping the Alicorn King from doing so.

Arrow, I rather like the idea of enemy nations, but that'll be one of the last things in all likelihood.

Glad I was able to inspire with some of those ideas of mine.^^ And glad to hear this isn't abandoned, cause it sounds awesome.^^

Eh, understandable. I'm working on my own version of this anyways (your muse infected mine with something). I got stuck at the powers thing for a while, before deciding to say "slag it" and just throw out the powers category sine it was too hard to balance. Replacing it with a place to define your "Domain". Still working out passive bonuses for all the races I want to include + more potential homes, wives and disadvantages. (I tweaked the enemy nation one) I'll probably post some of that on here tomorrow night. Might give your muse some ideas.

Put up the first part of the powers section in a new blog.

Nice. I'll check.^^

A question: can I take the orb and deside later to pick Luna for example, if so what happens.

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