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Alicorn King CYOA Complete! · 8:41pm Feb 7th, 2020

As some of you might remember, I started something a long time ago called the Alicorn King CYOA. Well, I finally came back and finished the things. Enjoy!

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Page 7
Page 8
Page 9

Hope you all enjoy this! Feel free to post your builds and thoughts/plans for your choices.

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This was very entertaining.

Bat Wings
Titan Strenght
Horn of Apeiron

Creation (Main)

Location: Canterlot

Queen: Princess Luna

Government: Imperial Republic

Lunar Armor (Free)

Uncapping Magic

Thanks for the CYOA. :heart:

Oh boy howdy this was fun! Super cool idea, I always like a good CYOA. Is this gonna be a one time thing, or are you planning on potentially doing something with these builds? It'd be pretty neat if someone's build from this ended up making a cameo in the Godling series as one off villain or something.

Anywho, let me introduce you to my Alicorn creation, Flame Forger! (I am bad at names rip). Rather than just trying to make the most OP character possible, I tried sticking to a semi-cohesive theme. Here's the build


Extra Hooves
Elemental Mane
...Element: magma
Reptilian tail
...Perks: Fire resistance and regeneration


Magma (Affinity) (Affinity acquired for free using Elemental Mane)

My idea was to create a kind of fire/magma war god Alicorn. With control over fire, earth, and extra hooves, I was thinking that this guy could just melt the earth around him and chuck it at people, perhaps even bringing magma out of the earth like a mini volcano!

Along with this, wouldn't it be cool if I could like make armor for myself mid battle? Just pull some metal out the ground, melt it, and dip myself in it. I'm fire resistant, and with my blacksmithing abilities from the metal power, I should be able to cool the metal to create armor on the go. That sounded so cool that I HAD to get the metal trait.

Kingdom: Dragonlands
Queen: Dragon Lord Ember
Ruling style: Defer to Queen

Okay, closing a kingdom was easy; if I'm a magma king, I have to live in a freaking volcano! As for queen choice, it was always going to be Celestia or Ember simply based on the fire theme, but dragons are super cool, so Ember won out

For ruling, I gave Forger very few social abilities (I only gave him order so he could plan for battle more cohesively lol). So, it would probably be best to act as a defender while the Dragon Lord handles the politics.


Royal Item (free from Queen): Dragon Sword
Royal Item: Horned Crystal
Regular Item: Shield
Regular Item: Dagger

The daggers and shield could be real fun actually. I wouldn't use em in the traditional sense though, not when I can use my metal ability. What's better than stabbing someone? Stabbing someone with a dagger hot enough to boil blood! What better than blocking an attack? Melting a metal shield and throwing the hot metal at your enemy's eyes! That's what we call style points!


Uncapped Magic (free)

Godhood (+2)
...Power (+2)
...Worship (+1)

Cost: 5 points


Eldritch (-1)
Evil (-1)
Monsters (-1)
Tug out Your Alicorn (-2)

Consequence points: 5

Ohhh noooo. I have to use my crazy magma alicorn in battle? Whatever shall I do?! In all seriousness though, what's the point of having all this power if I'm not fighting anyone? What would I do otherwise, light fires for campers? Also, it's way more fun to build up power than just to suddenly appear as an Alicorn, so I was happy to take that "consequence".

As for the character of Fire Forger himself, I imagine him as chaotic neutral with a good leaning (I know he has the order trait, but here me out! It takes a lot of planning to create some serious mayhem sometimes). Though he is known for being short tempered and fiery at times, Forger is a nice guy more or less, if not a bit childish and sadistic. He's like a kid with a magnifying glass and some ants, except the magnifying glass is lava and the ants are anyone who dares hurt those he cares about.

Just to make sure he isn't a Gary Su, I gotta give him some character flaws. I see him as being easily distracted, being so focused on completing one task that he forgets to consider the consequences. Also a tad reckless, cause what fun is a controlled fire? He's they guy who'd use a flamethrower to kill a spider, only to later consider that using a flamethrower in his house wasn't a good idea.

Man, character creation can be fun! Makes me kinda wanna play D&D...

I had Fun going through this CYOA

Bat wings
Reptilian tail - perk - regeneration and fire resistant
Changeling chiton

Necromancy (main)

Location:new changeling castle

Queen: nightmare moon

Ruling style: Defer to your advisor: thorax

Western Leaf (Free)
Staff of the King (Royal item)
Discornomicon (royal item)

Early drop (free)
Uncapping Technology -2
Power - 2
Nature - 1
AfterLife - 1
Lewd - 1

Costs: 7 points
Demons - 1 - his creations
Arch enemy - 2 - two sides of the same coin
Twist of fate -2 - Turned into spectre After fighting him
Tug out your Alicorn - 2 - broken but fixable

I had lot of fun making is character

Extra Horn x2
Horn of Apeiron

Powers (7 points)
(Main) Psionics (Afinitiy) 2
Empathy (Empowered) 2
Blood (Empowered) 2
War 1

The Dark Tower

Princess Flurry Heart (patience is a virtue.)

Hooves Off (Unless it's the lands surrounding the Dark Tower)

(Free) Shield of the Coward

Solar Shroud

Uncapped Magic (Free)

Godhood (2 perk cost)

Uncapped Tech

(1 perk)
War and Death
(1 perk)
Invasion -Reunionfied Thunder Legions- -New Thunder Queen-
(1 perk)
(1 perk)
Archenemy - Reincarnating/immortal Foe
(1 perk)
Twist of Fate - Sealed to hold back Evil
(1 perk)

Setting - Noble/bright

Hopefully, I did this correctly.
The goal here was to make a powerful but specialized insanely powerful caster, who uses his power to safeguard, being in the heart of the dark and ominous tower. A type who cares little for how people run their lives unless it's within his domain and that their freedom to choose what they wish. Within his domain, however, he considers all to be tools to stop the evils of the world, and thus revokes free will if dire enough circumstances demand it. He tends to exemplify nobility as those who go beyond the norm for their ruler and people both and is disgusted by those who take power for granted, and without responsibility.
Which ironically his Archenemy would be the farmer hero stereotype but evil, or just utterly against the methods he'd deploy.
Also Lewd and Anthro because why not, I had perks to burn! :rainbowwild:

will you be making this into a story as well or not? If so you should be the one to make the protagonist not the reader unless you want to use a reader generated charture(RGC) for the story.

Hm? I might make a story about this or include characters based on builds in other stories, but that's not really the point of this. CYOAs are things people make for fun on the net these days, and I made this for people to enjoy.

If anything, I'd be more interested in see others making their own stories based on their own builds with this.

Ok thanks and I liked your godling story so much I used it as a base for my own version and it also follows the kirin, why? Weeb of culture, thats why...(insert curse word here).

What you just described sounds like the emperor of the imperium of mankind... that pretty neat actually.

Comment posted by azrael2001 deleted Feb 17th, 2020

Wasn't my goal, but when you say it, it kinda does doesn't it.

Interesting thought exercise...

Physical Traits (3 total):
Extra Horn: Wings and Hooves both seem like they'd trip me up more than help, but not Horn.
Changeling Chiton: Shapeshifting is an awesome power! And armor's nice too.
Horn of Apeiron: I feel that this would be more helpful than extra strength or another horn.

Powers (7 total, one is an Affinity, choosing an opposite costs double):
Biomancy: Showing ponies what the Uncapping of Magic and Tech can do is important.
Order: Always helpful to have that slight advantage when doing scientific research and development.
Peace: More cultures brought in means more avenues of exploring the physical world, and thus greater magic and tech development.
Metal: Locating the raw materials for tech is immensely important.
Plants (Affinity): Much of science is about the natural world as much as raw physics. Plus, this is the only way to bring Treequines into the fold. I guess I'm going for God of Nature in All Forms. Oh, and Discord? If you DO make those jokes, I'll neutralize the sexual tone by nomming on her hair. Take that as you will.
Crystals: An incredibly important part of magitech development!
Psionics: Telepathy would be incredibly useful. I am a bit leery of others getting that "suppress abilities" part researched, but such may be inevitable. If so, having it myself first would help keep it regulated.

Ponyville. While Equlantis is tempting, I want to learn more about the problems that ponies need solving so they can be fixed with magitech. Besides, my chosen Queen already lives there.

Queen: Did you not read the above? I'm obviously referring to Twilight here! She's the closest thing I've ever seen to a "female version of myself", and that's incredibly attractive to me! Also she's purple, my favorite color since forever.

Ruling style:
Defer to Queen: With how similar we are, I trust her to bring my ideas to fruition.

Items (4 total, Royal costs double. Queen gives a free Royal):
Western Leaf (Royal): Kind of a throwaway, but unlimited carry capacity could be useful. Besides, having a familiar is appealing. Also fits with the "Nature in All Forms" angle I'm going for.
Staff of the King (Free Royal): Nice on its own, and a way to let others use my power if I so wish.
Discornomicon (Royal): This would be the perfect wedding gift for my Twily! Well, once I've demonstrated that you aren't actually trolling her or me with it.

Perks (one free, each additional costs a Drawback, two Consequences, or a random Consequence):
Uncapped Magic AND Technology: All the other "perks" I care about (both levels of Humanization, maybe Anthro, the non-religious aspects of Godhood) could easily be reached as a consequence of those two interacting. With the added benefit of it being approached with fresh eyes, rather than being considered "normal". Allows for greater experimentation in finding new uses.

None, this is being neutralized by a Drawback. Had that not been an option, I would've gone Invasion and Evil.

Tug Your Alicorn Out. Otherwise called Delayed Gratification. With the world NOT under threat of anything like the Consequences, I can afford to wait for my Ultimate Cosmic Power! (tm). Not like I have to worry about dying from old age either, given that's mentioned in the Drawback itself.

Nice! It’s pretty cool to see this finished after so long. Just so you know, the very bottom of the text for Extra Horn seems to be cut off. It’s still perfectly readable, I just can’t help but nitpick.

Malum, Alicorn Of The Broken
Extra Horn
Extra Wings
Extra Arms
Necromancy (Free Affinity)
Biomancy (Bought Affinity)
Dark Tower
Imperial Republic
Horned Crystal (Free)
Lunar Armor
Uncaping Magic

Malum stands tall even among Alicorns, his White mane and Grey fur are almost always unkempt. His Solid white eyes see things unseen. He rules from his home, Tower Strugaurd. His Queen watches all with her Unlidded Eye. They protect us from the horrors bred by Grogar and the Windigo Bred Caribou from the north. His Generals carry out his will with stern justice and grim fairness. Their names succor the weak and drive back those that threaten our lands.
General Celestia leads her Solar guard to shinning victory
General Luna and her Night Patrol strike against those things that move in the darkness
General Twilight's Friendship Fellowship seeks to turn enemy to ally and protect our citizenry from criminals
General Cadance's Love Ministry assures that those who have lost all can still find healing
General Nightmare Moon's Nightmare Coalition provides a place for the monsters that turn against their brethren.
May we soon break the hold of the Caribou on our Dragon friends and may we seek to liberate our Griffon Allys.
And we shall always be grateful for Seaquestria and it's continuing support against the foulness that seeks to devour us all.
Praise Malum and Long May his rule continue!

LocationName: MoonShadow Split.
Age: 8
Race Unicorn(Alicorn)
Bat eyes: Left icy blue | Right fiery orange
Mane(Alicorn): elemental darkness
Mane(Unicorn):spiked short black hair with 2 highlights Left icy blue color |Right fiery orange
Coat: Darkish red
(Wings: Dark red
Physical: Extra horn, Bat wings, (alicorn)Elemental mane.
Powers: darkness 3pt, War 2pt, Ice 1pt, Fire 1pt.
Location: Ponyvile
Queen:Princess twilight sparkle
Ruling style: Imperial republic
Items: Staff of king, Lunar armor, Dragon sword
Uncapping Magic, Early drop the first episode, godhood-power

______________ ______
Demons, War and death, Sanity.

The setting:Noble/bright

Tug your Alicorn out - 2 D.

Here's my own attempt at a character using this! Also, I'm 'justifying' the choices, or at least most of them, from my character's perspective.

Name: Nigeb Sihpopa Tamait

-Earth Pony: A paradoxical combination of being as thin as twig, if not thinner, and being surprisingly plump.
--Mane: Constantly in a messy state of chaos best described as a combination of ‘bed-head’ and ‘freshly dried with a towel/hair-dryer by someone with basically no idea what they were doing’, Nigeb pretty much never attends to its upkeep, save for the rare occasions when it gets too itchy and/or smelly for even his skin and/or nose to withstand.
---Colour: Liche Purple, with streaks of Blood Red.
--Coat: See Mane, though Nigeb does maintain it better than his mane, albeit only barely by the skin of his teeth.
---Colour: Pallid Flesh (extends to the non-feathery parts of his wings as an Alicorn).
---Colour: Sunburst Yellow
-Alicorn: Pretty much little more than a walking skeleton dressed in skin and internal organs.
--Wings: See Mane. Other than that, the only ‘maintenance’ Nigeb performs is the bare minimum necessary to allow for flight.
---Colour: Bone White, flecked with Dark Angels Green

Character: Nigeb is best described as a True Neutral who swings along the Lawful-Chaotic Axis as is dictated by a combination of circumstance and whim, with relatively little care about Ethics, Morality and the general concepts of 'Good' and 'Evil', and mostly just concerned with finding both entertainment and ways to satisfy his hunger. His view of such things can be best described as that of an Anti-Nihilist/Existentialist focused on satisfying ones needs (be it physical, mental, spiritual, social, emotional, etc.) above all else. Whenever confronted with a Moral Choice, however, such as whether or not to defend an innocent women being assaulted by an authority figure or help a repentant criminal redeem themselves, he'll always do the moral thing, over the 'Lawful' or 'Dutiful' acts. If a truly heinous crime is performed before him, however, such as the physical abuse of a child, he becomes laser-focused on tracking down, capturing and then brutalizing and torturing the perpetrator to such a degree that they typically end up wishing for death, if not just outright killing them in some horrific fashion.

Personality Flaws: His laser focus tends to leave him neglecting his appearance and health to an incredibly severe degree (not that he really cares about appearances to begin with). He's also somewhat reckless in combat, preferring to charge at, wear down and otherwise outlast and/or overpower his opponent, which can frequently leave him drained.

Form Traits: Reptilian Tail (Regeneration x2), Changeling Chitin, Chimera-ism

Powers: Biomancy, Chaos, War, Peace, Blood (Affinity), Empathy

Castle/Home: Old Changeling Castle
After learning via the bride options the sort of s&*t Chrysalis went through in life, Nigeb wanted to help her heal. (I chose early drop as one of my perks)

Queen: The Alicorn Orb
Nigeb isn't the sort of person to rely on magical juju, be it his or someone else's, to get a partner. So, he'd turn down the various brides in exchange for getting to know them better on a personal level.

Rule: Imperial Republic
While Nigeb would like to have the ability to rule his subjects, he's not at all into doing it personally. An Imperial Republic of this variety fits such criteria perfectly.

Items: Sword, Armor, Shield, Magic Staff

Early Drop (Free); Nigeb wanted to start saving the world as soon as possible
Anthro (Transformation, Monsters included); Sapient Monsters can go all the way, merely Sentient ones have distorted, imperfect Anthro + Human forms based on their true forms and how sentient they are, with varying degrees of distortion and imperfection depending on their level of sentience (the higher the latter, the lower the former and vice versa)
Humanization (x2)
Uncapping both Magic + Technology
Godhood (Everything)
Lewd; Clothing in human form is akin to more modest forms of hyper-revealing Lingerie and pool wear, whilst Anthro Clothing is little more than patches of cloth barely held together by rubber strings (all stretched to the limit for even the most small-chested of girls) and only barely covering the absolute bare minimum of skin by this version of equestria’s standards, and even then it does so badly. True forms are, quite obviously, completely naked.
Fluctuating; 'Cause I ain't trapping a world and its peoples in such a state without providing a way out.
Natural State (Noblebright); This would only activate upon when the world achieving the state known as Noblebright.

Monsters; The first ones were awoken by Nigeb's Ascension, with their own awakenings disturbing the slumber of more powerful ones.
Demons; The surge of magical power from Nigeb's Ascension destabilized the locks and restrictions keeping the demons in, though they didn't realize it at first.
Evil; Nobody knows who the new 'Chess masters' of evil are, but they're present.
Eldritch; These unknowable entities are mostly lured back by the magic surge from Nigeb's Ascension.
Invasion; Drawn to Equestria out of their leader's desire to just fuck up the world, and for the immense resources available from conquering it. Mildly curious about the magic surge of Nigeb's Ascension. I’m still not entirely sure just who they are at the moment, though.
Disease, Sanity, War and Death, Chaos Scarring, Grimdark; All retroactively part of this world

Arch-enemy; The leader of the invasion, who can be best described as being a delusional, hubricious, arrogant, narcissistic, shallow minded, racist, ableist, sexist, speciesist, homophobic, skeptic, cynical, jaded, etc., etc., etc., Solipstic Straw Nihilist aiming to just make life even more miserable.
Twist of Fate
Tug Your Alicorn Out (Earth Pony); Nigeb's ascension ‘unintentionally’ disabled (or at least disrupted enough to initiate degradation) the ‘locks’ and ‘safeties’ keeping the demons in Tartarus, the monsters asleep and the forces of evil from being cohesive, whilst also attracting the attention of both various eldritch entities and the invading nation, the rest of the consequences were already a retroactive part of the world.

I know I am a bit late but here is mine

Reptilian tail double regeneration twice (the tail because it acts like a horn and gives me added regeneration)

Horn of Apeiron I plan to use the ability to bend rules of reality with my main affinity

IF I can use my Biomancy Main Affinity to change parts of my Chimerasim then I take Chimerasim if not i take an extra horn

My abilities and some of the reasons I picked them and some of the things I intended to do with them.

Main Affinity Biomancy (The reason I picked this as my main affinity and at all is for serval reasons first I want to use this ability to create and shape life to create creatures That fulfill very specific tasks ie maybe make a creature that is very strong and can reproduce asexually but is not very smart these could be the back bone of my labor force. Also the ability to gain traits for other races is amazing I will eventually try to use Biomancy to gives traits to certain creatures who are important to me and my empire like try and find a way to give my subjects And friends a dragons lifespan or some other way to increase their life span.

I will also use biomancy to give myself a lot of modifications for one I will develop the ability to generate super strong pheromones that will have alot of effects.

Also I kinda want to make an equivalent of space marines like pick elite changlings and pony’s and give them a lot of augmentations these will serve as the elite in my military and some will be highly specialized these will be called super commandos from now on

modifications ideas for super commandos
A modification to increase magic power
One to make Them process information faster
Better reaction time
Increases strength
Change how bones are formed so that they are stronger and in better places like a fused rib cage
one of the organs I plan to make will be used to grow genetic material Which can injected into new recruits to make this processes a lot easier for me.

I also plan to use this ability to transform myself and try to make me act as a central focus for a hive mind of creatures I create I plan to communicate with the hive mind using another affinity psionics

I will also try to create super specialized creatures that will have one are of power which I do not like a creature that can only do void magic or shadow magic and have creatures like these do things for my empire I can not

I will also use biomancy for a lot of other things some of which I will list later

Affinity Crystals

The reason I got crystals is because I want their to more ways to use our magic I believe that if we mix crystals with technology and machinery we can jump start an industrial revolution and I believe that crystals Hold the key to many technological advancements and that we can use them to help increase the standards of living

I will also into artifacts that use crystals and try to understand improvement and recreate them artifacts like the alicorn Amulet

I will also by using crystals to create armour and weapons for my super commandos

these weapons and armour and other crystals will be different based on species

the changeling super commandos will have
Armour that change shape with them and have a lot of things to do with stealth

I will also try to make their weapons invisible

The other crystals they will have will have psionic magic energy inside them this will allow them to read the minds of their targets and thus better replace them and extract vital information.
it’s my head cannon that changelings have a hive mind of sorts and the psionic crystals will boost this If they don’t have a hive mind or can’t communicate with each other using it the psionic crystals Will be used to talk with each other when disguised or during combat

For Pegasi super commandos
The armour will focus on speed enhancements

They will use long range weapons against ground based opponents without long range themselves.

Their weapons will have will focus on whatever magic the Pegasi are good at

And will have viable close quarters weapons

For unicorns super commandos

Unicorns will get weapons that will naturally increase the power of their magic

Armour will have shield enchantments

Earth ponies super commandos
Will have armour that increases physical strength
And will primarily use close quarters weapons

Things all super commandos should have
A crystal with void magic that is only supposed to be used to teleport out of combat from their they are to get another one right away if I can’t get them to recharge on their own

A crystal with psionic energy to report to officers not on the field about where you are and what is currently happening

A have a lot of other ideas but I don’t have the powers for them so well they could be made I would have to set up the infrastructure for it

Since with a crystal affinity I can create items with crystals one of the things I am going to make will be something called a crystal collar more on that in psionic section

Bought Affinity Blood
I will use this ability for rituals which I will study extensively
But I will also use it to try and bless as much of my loyal and powerful subjects as possible to increase the power and intelligence of my elites also I will the ability to unlock potential on my super commandos or if it takes to much time on another group

Bought Affinity Psionics
I like mind control.
I also like the fact that because of this choice that a new form of magic is coming to this world.
I will use this ability to communicate with serval dozen people at once and it shall be very helpful in setting the foundations of my empire

I will also use this ability to mentally dominate serval creature if I deem them a threat and want something from them.
In some very notable cases I will use something called a crystal collar first I will spend a long time crafting a magic restraint that I can turn on and off at will and also hold a lot of psionic energy first I will mentally dominate the creatures in question then I will the collar to reinforce my control ie if they try and break free the collar will let me know and will also try to suppress their will This will have a lot of variations
I am still editing
I am not done I will probably finish this later

If I can get one queen
>Princess Twilight Sparkle

If I am allowed multiple because of the lewd perk than
>princess Twilight Sparkle
>princess celestia
>queen chrysalis
>princess flurry heart

>rulership eventually Consolidation but for now defer to Advisor or queen well trying to lay the framework to eventually consolidate my powers.
>and learning about the various pony governments and how they operate

>In the lands that are now called Equestria, I will Have Celestia and Luna act as regional governors and cadence for the crystal empire until everything is ready to be consolidated.

>Eventually when the consolidation is complete
>have luna in charge of the military
>Celestia will be in charge of all courts she will also help make legal policy (try to teach her to delegate more)

>Have Cadence is in charge of something (maybe something to do with the economy) I dont know yet. and am open to suggestions

>Have Chrysalis in charge of the secret police if i turn evil or if not in charge of espionage.

>this way both we can get the new changelings and not make it feel like we are easing their history Also with her powers she could do a lot of good

>Twilight as my queen will outrank and have direct authority over everyone other than me unless I say otherwise.
>however, knowing her she will be very worried about making the wrong choice and actually listen to the people under her

Royal item Horned Crystal
Royal item Staff of the king
Royal Item Discornomicon

>Uncapping Magic
>Uncapping Technology

Ask what Nature means and how can it help me


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