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Finale Spoliers mean that I finally have some news. [spoilers kinda] · 2:04am Oct 9th, 2017

Well, I figured my multi-year attempts to get the attention of hasbro and friends have all failed, and Starswirl was cast as a *gasp* unicorn.

I have absolutely nothing but vitriol and bitterness toward Hasbro and all parties involved in this EGREGIOUS ignorance to my fan-fiction.

okay, I have to stop there, I started laughing. Anyway, no, I'm not following canon, so my original ending will not change. I do have some interesting insight into Starswirl and a bunch of other things I'm effectively going to steal.

I haven't watched the episode yet, just heard a summary from a friend. Regardless, things won't change, the story isn't dead, and I'm not going to rant about how the writers 'ruined my book,' because frankly, they didn't.

I have very entertaining things planned for the future. Some are canon, some are not, but they all fit together very well, especially a small addendum to the second book, that should be done very soon.

Bear with me, I'm very out of practice with this word-art crap, so bad that I'm even using repeating significant words in repeating sentences. ;-;

send help.

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it was basically pony avengers, with a bunch of legendary heroes (each set up in a legend told in a previous episode) all coming together to form a team!

Clearly what happened was Starswirl did some wonderful thing to become an alicorn but since he started as an earth pony he only got the horn. He needs to do a second thing to get the wings.
Even fate is speciesist/racist/tribalist.

Canon compliance is overrated, imho. ;)

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