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If you are enjoying my stories, I thank you. Nothing means quite as much to me as someone really appreciating what I put out into the world. So, from the bottom of my heart... Thank You.

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Finally! Chapter 54 for memoirs is out · 12:49am Oct 9th, 2016

Alright, I know I've been bad. I'm sorry about keeping you waiting, and now that I've released Fog, I know people are going to rail me for its length, but bear with me on this one. The last two chapters and the next were all initially meant to be a single chapter, but there were some flaws with that approach. Keeping that in mind, I've had to rewrite and rebuild my outline around the 3 chapter decision all while juggling coursework and a social life. That all being said, I put aside today to write, at minimum, chapter 54. I'm 89 words into 55 and I'm not sure how far I can go, but I'm not dead and I'm still writing.

Also, for those of you concerned, I did really well on 2 of those tests. The other one, well... not so much, but that's an issue I've been resolving to the best of my ability. Differential Equations is a weird class.

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Glad to know you're not dead!

Don't worry about slow updates, like we said last time, we'll still be here. We love your stuff, but school does come first, so if you have to put this off, know that we'll still be here when you have time to come back.

Seriously, you do great work.

Glad to know you're not dead!

You do care! :D
Thank you for the kind words, I really appreciate your encouragement. Things have been really up and down recently, and I'm doing my best to keep myself positive.

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