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Aspiring to live under a bridge, but the man keeps holding me down.

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    I think Brett Kavanaugh is the biggest joke in American History and I don’t give a fuck if you’re some ultra-conservative asshole cuntard.

    Do I really need to say anything else?

    No one else has been smart or shameless enough to do it yet. Fucking retard fucktards.

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    Ostentatious Finger Nails

    My Mum tries to be cool by saying that she likes all the same things that I do.
    Someone I know recently combined Maple Syrup & buttered Popcorn thinking it would taste like caramel popcorn. It didn’t and they don’t recommend anyone else do it either.
    We have never been to Asia, nor have we visited Africa.
    I love eating toasted cheese and tuna sandwiches.

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    Just a Little Sad...

    I shouldn’t feel so down... as I did not attend Bronycon this year. But I heard they said next year will be their last convention (which I willl definitely try my best to attend). Coinciding with rumors that season 9 will be the last season of G4 next year... it’s not too hard to imagine that G4 may end towards the end of next year.

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    Happy First Day of Spring and New Season of MLP

    For those of you living in the Northern Hemisphere, which I know is most of you, today's the first day of spring. If you happen to live in Australia or somewhere else in the Southern Hemisphere, then happy first day of autumn XD.

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The Movie (no spoilers) · 9:58pm Oct 7th, 2017

Just thought I'd make a blog letting everyone know I'm still alive and stuff. Life on the road has kinda taken its toll though. 'Tis a lonely existence even if I'm around beautiful scenery all the time. I get to go home in a couple weeks so that's cool though. Due to bizarre circumstances I've been just living in my car and in a tent driving around and camping across the American and Canadian west since July. 16 different states and 3 Canadian provinces I've just been wandering around in randomly.

Anyway I stopped at a random movie theater today in Pocatello, Idaho. I felt obliged to go see it after being a veteran of this fandom for so long (since 2011). Walking into a theater filled with parents and little girls is always an interesting novelty (and a few bronies too :yay:). I thought it was pretty good, kinda like an extra long musical-themed episode. It's a children's film based off a long time tv series so I think to appreciate this film you really need to have good grasp of the mane 6 (which I assume most people here do XD) and keep that in mind whilst watching it. I can see why someone unfamiliar with the franchise might think it's mediocre because they don't understand the characters but if you're already a fan I'd say it's B+/A- material. It's worth seeing in my opinion, and even if you disagree at least you supported Hasbro and encourage them more to keep putting out new material. Just my two cents.

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I really loved the movie too! I thought it was great. :)

Glad to see you're still alive. I saw it as well! I was honestly a little surprised to see a thin crowd in the theater, and exclusively parents with kids. Because when I went to see EqG in the theater, it was a full house, and about 80% bronies.

Definitely a good watch though.

Ayyyy, nice to see you're still alive and enjoying things!

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