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I'M STILL ALIVE: Update on my situation and 150 Follower Milestone! · 11:47pm Sep 24th, 2017

It's been almost two months..... I'm very overdue for this. Yes, I am still alive.

I want to apologize for not writing anything for so long, especially to those few who wait for updates of "The Strange Case of Dinky Hooves' Cutie Mark Curiosity". At the beginning of August, I got thrown into a deep depression and found myself unable to do any kind of writing.
I know I promised last year I would not be silent for such a long period of time again if I can't write for some reason and that I said I will always inform about delays from now on and I apologize for this too.
Depressions, unfortunately, change a lot and I felt generally unable to do anything than wasting my time with unimportant things and with doing nightly trots in parks and around nature in complete isolation. I also could not estimate how long this depression will last, so I had no idea what to write in an informal blog entry about my situation.
Hopefully, I won't develop such a crippling depression again, but if I do, I'll let you know next time, so you are at least prepared for a long wait. But I'm very intended to not let this happen again.

The good news is, I'm back! I've already begun with further revisions of the first two chapters of "Journeys and Destinations: A Friendship for Eternity" this week and slowly get back into my schedule.

The continuation of "The Strange Case of Dinky Hooves' Cutie Mark Curiosity" will happen next, unless my depression returns with a vengeance or any other catastrophe arises. If it does, something I'm really not hoping for, I'll let you know immediately.
If nothing arises, I will sit down on my haunches and binge-write most of the remainder of the fic on Thursday, for real this time.
I struggle with deciding for a good end for the fic..... But binge-writing it will give me a nice backlog of chapters that I can release weekly then. The first finished chapter will also get released on Thursday right when I'm done with it.

I am also still working on my announced fic for Brown Sugar. This fic will still happen and is NOT cancelled. Current plan is to dedicate Sundays to work on it, the binge-writing of "The Strange Case of Dinky Hooves' Cutie Mark Curiosity", however, will give me more time for Brown Sugar's fic soon.

Other than that, I have now reached 150 followers! Two days ago, Creativa-Artly01 hit the follow button on my userpage and became my 150th Follower!

I want to write a special fic for this occasion and have a certain crazy (and challenging) idea in mind. Right now I'm completely packed with other fic commitments, though, so it will be a while until I can retroactively write my 150 follower celebration fic.
I'll let you know once I am ready to start working on it.

And that's it, I guess. I'm officially back, even though my schedule tends to be a bit wonky still. I'll let you know about any further developments!

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Its okay and i look Forward to it.

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