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Rest in Peace · 3:54pm Sep 16th, 2017

Yesterday evening, my desktop's hard drive suffered sudden and complete failure. I am now declaring it officially bricked.

It's what I get for installing onto an early-model, off-brand, second-hand solid state drive. The thing that gets me is that I had just been planning to put together a backup external HDD – which is probably the jinx that invoked the failure.

Now, how exactly did it fail? No computer that I have access to will recognize that the drive even exists in the BIOS, let alone after booting into an operating system. I might as well be plugging in a clay brick (it'd just use less power). I have tried all available means to revive it even for a moment to pull any data off, but it remains totally dead. A proper replacement is already on its way, as is the external USB casing for one of my spare HDDs for a full backup device.

As it is, having as many random devices as I do (one being a laptop that I use regularly), a lot of the data has been duplicated on one device or another anyway, so losses are primarily limited to a few folders of relatively unimportant screenshots and local game data. I've probably truly lost only 5-10% of what was on that SSD. I suppose I can remove the "sync device files" item from my near-future to-do list.

I totally borrowed the blog post title from this comment on FanOfMostEverything's blogs on his recent experience with a similar problem.

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Glad to hear your net loss is a lot less worse than mine. Still, my condolences.

Good to hear that most of your data is duplicated. Is KSP's data synced with the Steam cloud by default?

It is not even an option, but I was considering a new game anyway.

Thanks. As it happens, I realize that I may be able to make 1:1 backups fairly easily for both of my PCs – having two spare HDDs – periodically updating them manually with a command resembling this:

sudo dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb bs=4k

The only question is if I can make the larger one hold a backup on one half and act as an additional external filespace with the other half. I hope this works in general, because then I can reinstall the OS by cloning my laptop and tweaking like three things (I'm really glad I ordered the external casing now).

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