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I'll see you starside, everyone. Through rain, shine, or clouds, and no matter what it takes...I'll carry you there if necessary.

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    Birthday/Remembrance Blog

    It is my birthday today, and I am now 23 years old.

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    Death Battle Birthday Present!

    So, my Birthday is coming up real soon. September 11th, to be precise, so about two weeks 'till I'm 23.

    But this isn't a blog post about my birthday.

    This is about the next DEATH BATTLE and the next two combatants, who are none other than...


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    So…the federal government changed their guidelines for remote work. The covid-era work from home rules are ending, and thus…for the second goddamn time…

    We might be moving to Washington DC.

    I’m panicking internally. It was enough of a system-level shock the first time around, but this time…It’s even more plausible than ever.

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    Original Content and Story Notes for the Division 2 - From Ashes

    Let me start off by saying that Chapter 2 is in the works, and will be out soon. Apart from that, I also have some neat concepts for gear/skills/weapons that will be in the story, along with some plot and setting details. Without further ado...

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IT IS DONE! · 9:26pm Jul 12th, 2017

I am a Pokemon Master.

I just completed the Alola Pokedex in Pokemon Sun. I could not be happier to see that Shiny Charm. It's also my first ever Pokedex completion, so that's even more hype.

To commemorate, I'll work on a new Pokemon Odyssey chapter tonight and publish it tomorrow.



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