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The true beauty of our life and our existence can be explained by the starry night sky. For the stars know the truth of beauty, which is that much stronger once it's paired with its dark background

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To whom it may concern 2: an explanation of my recent absence from the site and plans for the future · 3:39pm Jul 6th, 2017

So, as some of you may have noticed I haven't been very active on this site as of late. In fact my page has been so dead that when I came back I was kind of taken aback by the changes on the site. Heck, I have even missed a majority of this new season of MLP.

Those that follow me for some time know that this tends to happen quite often. I tend to go off the site sometimes for weeks on end, but this time it was a bit more lengthy. Some may know that I have been enroled in a med school since last year. As of late my school life had consumed the majority of my time as I wished to pass it all so that I have at least one free summer. This of course came with certain sacrifices so I had to go off the site for a while to deal with it. I am mostly done with it, with the final exam being on July 19th, so I will have more time to dedicate to this site and my fanfiction. This will mean the continuation of the Darkrim series as well as finally finishing Darkrim and the elements of harmony. I won't take it off hiatus just yet, since I still have to return to it, but I hope it will be done by the end of the month.

Now, going forward I do have a lot of plans for my series. In fact, one of the reasons I joined the site, was to write down a grand epic spanning over the fanfictions. So far, those that follow the series, I have written three instalments and I do plan for more. In the next part I will be detailing my plans for the series and the way it will be formatted.

The Fall Of Tartarus

The Fall Of Tartarus is the oficial name I had given to the current instalment. This series will focus on Darkrim's banishment and the relationships he will make during his banishment. When I first wrote The Lone Stallion and it's current sequels, Starlight Glimmer had yet to be introduced and the whole plot of her becoming Twilight's student was not formed yet. However, now it is pretty much cannon and it makes it a bit confusing with my storyline.

This is one of the reasons I had asigned the AU label to all my works connected to The Fall Of Tartarus. As of writing this I will be ignoring Starlight Glimmer after she became Twilight's student. This means that the events that happened in season six and seven will be ignored for this series. This has nothing to do with my opinions of season six. In fact, despite what others may say, I really enjoyed a lot that was introduced in it. However, due to the nature of my absence and the foundation of the series I cannot include it just yet.

Another focal point I want to discuss here is the creation of the nation of Tartarus. Those who follow the series know that in this AU I have created Tartarus is a nation filled with odd looking versions of certain species. This is due to two facts. Tartarus, in this AU, is set below Equestria and it is on the verge between this life and the next. The kingdom, ruled by the current king Hades, is set throughout the underground stopping at the shore of the river Styx, which is the border to the afterlife. Due to this the entire place is essentially consumed by the dark magic coming from the Underworld which works to morph the bodies of creature. For example, it is very commonplace for Tartarian unicorns to have a fire like mane, since it is a reflection of the dark magic that flows through their bodies.

In my next fanfic I will explain the history of Tartarus through the four leaders of Tartarus: Furia, Dormius, Terragon and Hades. It will detail the conception of Tartarus, the bloody history of their kings and it's complex relations with the neigboring kingdoms, including Equestria.

Another focal point of the series will be the Tartarian revolt led at the helm by Radifus, Hades' advisor, general Ares and by commander Blue Horn of the Tartarian Liberation Movement (as of yet he is not introduced to the series). These three figures will be the main antagonists for the series. Each one wants to rule over Tartarus for different reasons, however they all agree on one point: Hades must fall.

There will be a lot more coming as the series progresses but these are my general plants for the first part. This is the most basic skeleton for the series.

Rise Of The Shadows a.k.a. Basilisk's Uprising

Following the events of The Fall Of Tartarus, Rise Of The Shadows will be in continuation from Season Six onwards. This is where all that happened and will happen in MLP (even if it finishes) will continue. Now, I can't say too much about this part since it would spoil a lot of things that will happen so I will placing a spoiler over the next chunk.

After the battle for Tartarus Radifus will disappear for a lengthy period of time. Due to his lengthy disappearence, many though that he died, however he was merely biding his time. In the shadow dimension he had learned of ways to bring the shadows back into the real world. Creatures infected with the shadows would be susceptible to his command while also enhancing their hosts strength. In this world Radifus manipulated one of the shadows to become it's willing host and managed to grow stronger as a result of it. Once he returned to Gaia, Radifus made a deal with the recently dethroned Queen Chrysalis, promising to help her get revenge on Equestria and her old hive. Due to their powers they managed to take over a hive and establish the Neo Basilian Empire. With their armies ready they will begin to wage a storm that will shake Equestria for generations to come.

Again there will be a lot more plot points to come but that is the basic plotline. If everything works a third part might also be possible, but I want to focus on these two instalments first and foremost.

Final thoughts

I know that this sounds a bit much, but this was always my plan. Ever since I released The lone stallion this was the plan for it's future. I don't know how long it will take me to do this. I have no idea if I will finish this or will MLP finish before I do. However, one thing does remain true. I do plan to do this. No matter how long it takes I want to do this. Even if, by the end of it, I only have one person following it, I will still do it. Because I want to. Thank you all who follow me and thank you all for having the patience with my stories. I wish you all the best and until next time, remember:


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