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  • 28 weeks
    I hope you like furry/scaly incest- Shedding Inhibitions Chapter 2 is available for purchase

    I think it's almost been a year since the last one came out. So, yeah, go ahead and recap what happened with the last chapter, and dive right into some mother-son snake incest. Well, buildup actually, no actual boinking just yet.
    This is a comic series I've co-produced with furry artist atrolux-- he's done all the art, I wrote the script from beginning to end. Hope y'all like it.

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  • 43 weeks
    I guess I should say something about the ending of the show?

    Don't really have the energy to type anything long-winded out, so here's something short.

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  • 45 weeks
    Story preview, anyone?

    This story is something I originally wanted to do a number of years ago, a little bit after Rainbow Rocks came out, and it was all the rage to show Sunset with that lovely looking horse in that music video. I kept telling myself I'd do it, but believe I was working on something else at the time, and eventually became so busy that the fad passed and I figured nobody would want to read it anymore.

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  • 45 weeks

    I mentioned in my last blog I'd have an announcement. This is it I guess.

    Thanks to succubisamus for the wonderful advertisement and all the support she's given me as of late.

    More details on derpibooru

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  • 45 weeks
    Here We Go Again

    I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve done this before, and at this point, I’m too exhausted to go find out. I make a story, I say I’m going to put more time into making more stuff, something in my life happens for better or for worse, and I go another several months before suddenly making another story again. You’re tired of it, I’m tired of it, I’m kind of surprised anyone still follows me at

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New Zootopia fanfic, and something else · 12:14am Jun 3rd, 2017

Alright guys, so this is a story I have been working on since around February, and I finally published the first chapter of it a few hours ago. This is quite different from what I usually publish, but I'm sure as hell proud of it. It's gonna be 13 chapters total, so strap in and get ready for an emotional roller coaster.

In the wake of an election with a surprising outcome, a new mayor takes office for the city of Zootopia. Among his many campaign promises against predators and international connections, the biggest threat to Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps as well as other mammals is his resolve to keep the right of marriage from couples of differing species. Judy knows the risks of making a stand for one’s beliefs, but she’s not going to hide anymore. In the remaining months before the marriage act is passed, Nick and Judy will make the most important decisions of their lives, and inspire the citizens of Zootopia to stand strong in the face of bigotry and intolerance.


Oh, and I don't really think anyone's gonna care about this, but:
I might have started construction on an actual MLP clopfic a few days ago
And it might be a a one-shot which I'm halfway done with the first draft on
And I might be planning on releasing it Monday the 12th.
And it might be featuring my favorite princess everin some form

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Comments ( 5 )

Reads the synopsis; dies. Reads the secret; super dies.

Argh! I need more free time! Why can't I be a speed reader!:raritydespair:

Same here. I seem to be able to write relatively fast, but when it comes to reading, I go into sloth mode.

13 chapters? Holy shit you're just pumping out stories aren't you?

it might be featuring my favorite princess everin some form

I see you haven't completely forgotten about the pony fanbase.
Let me take a guess on the story
It's a rule63 clopfic featuring the princes and Bubble Barry


It's a rule63 clopfic featuring the princes and Bubble Barry


Darn and here I thought I was on the money on that one.

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