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Dumb arse so called friend · 8:33pm May 31st, 2017

Yeah, been pretty pissed off the last few days, so last night my friend who I used to go to high school with said I should go over to his house. Don't know what I was on last night because I said yes, despite my knowing that he's a very clingy, touchy feely person. I guess I didn't care.

So I went anyway, already regretting the idea of going. Would have been happier in my room doing nothing. I felt bad if I suddenly decided to make up an excuse; done it way too many times, so thought he may catch on that I didn't want to go.

Anyway, we said hi, watched a bit of Teen Titans, but then he started to get close and cuddly as expected. I was definitely not in the mood for being touched, but, me being my usual shy fucking self, I remained silent. I began to notice he was "happy" being around me and felt incredibly uncomfortable. I said that I wasn't feeling too good, hoping that would be a good enough excuse to leave. Want to know what he said?

"Why don't you a rest and nap on my sofa? It'll be just the same as doing it at home."

Umm, no.

I said I'd wait.

As time went on, probably two and a half hours had passed since arriving there, I asked what games did he have do he could get away from me, which kind of worked. He showed me his games on his computer, didn't actually play anything like he said, so I just watched.

A little while passed and I started to get drowsy, so I closed my eyes for a few seconds and he must have saw. He quickly got up, lay down beside me, cuddling instantly. He was "happy" again. I was probably stuck feeling awkward for about fifteen. He tried moving his arms and legs closer to me, but I wasn't having any of it.

It got to the point where he thought he'd move his hands downwards. I pushed him off me as quickly as possible and asked what was he doing. He said that I seemed worked up and needed "help". I called him an arsehole and he thought that it maybe a good idea to help each other out.

He is seriously a sick fuck. I go to his saying I don't feel right, so what does he do? Try to fucking touch me up. I knew what he was like, and still thought he wouldn't try anything like that.

I couldn't leave there fast enough.

The best thing is, he recently messaged me apologizing, saying that he was still partially drunk from an apparent party last night. He'd be drinking up until four in the morning. Like what the actual fuck? As if I already have a problem with people being happy drunk.

He's a dick and made me realize he's like everyone else.


I don't give a shit for the spelling. Just wanted to write it quickly.

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Comments ( 9 )


Well, I guess at least that kind of explains things. Not that it makes it any better.

that is very messed up what the hell was he thinking

4554112 "Let's call a girl over and see if I get her to have some fun"?

4554152 I hate him so much.

Oh, dang. :rainbowderp:

...:rainbowderp: wow, just...wow, I'm sorry that happened to you. Seriously though, being buzzed is no excuse to get touchy with anyone, ever :ajbemused:

OK I know this is cliche, but not all guys are like that. Granted, at least 90% of them are, so it's always good to be wary.

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