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What to say about me... I'm a novelist, I enjoy writing Fanfiction (seriously I like it. Although I mainly do Justice League or Highschool of the Dead), and thanks to Dr. Whooves I found FIM.

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Preview for chapter 11 of the Vault Dweller · 1:42am May 31st, 2017

The Vault Dweller: A Fallout in Equestria Story

Chapter 11: Sweets for the Sweet

Once everyone was treated, rested, and ensured that there wasn’t too much of a mutation caused by that over radiated ghoul, the workers went back to fixing the tracks. Once more Rusty went to checking the houses, being that there was a few left, but this time two of the talons, Salty, Lyra, and Cream went with him. Butterscotch was on the train, excited to be able to have some Apple brand Apple Dandy Crisps. Rusty swallowed, the worry that another over radiated ghoul could be hiding was certainly present.

He pushed the door opened, and sitting at the table was four mummified bodies. He slowly moved forward, expecting them to come to life and attack at any moment, but an aura of golden magic nudged one of them causing the body to fall over. Seeing that they weren’t alive he checked them. Each of them was wearing a Pipboy, or Pipbuck rather, and in the center of the table was a terminal hooked to four crystals.

He moved toward it, his Pipboy beeped at him, and it indicated that it had connected with the basic terminal information. He touched a key and the terminal turned on, showing a screen of random key strokes interrupted by a phrase every so often. He began studying it, moving from word to word, not really selecting anything, but trying to get a grasp of what he was looking at. That’s when he realized they possible passwords. Slowly he began to set into a rhythm of trying to figure out the password. He also figured out that those random keystrokes seemed to have some other applications. He happened to glide over a section only to have several of the strokes highlight. He selected it, and then it removed one of the possible passwords. He found four other hidden jewels. One of which reset his attempts, and on his fourth try he was rewarded with the terminal unlocking.

He saw one entry, and he selected it. For a moment nothing happened. No words, no voice recording, nothing, and then the crystals lit up focusing a light between one another until finally a glowing sphere formed in the air. It seemed, magical. That was really the only word for it. Magical. A voice that seemed to be composed of four voices spoke at the same time.

“The Cosmos: Countless worlds upon worlds, worlds without end. In these galaxies, every possibility exists, and what is real on one world is pure fantasy on all others. Here all is real and all is illusion. What is, what was, and what will be start here with the words, “In the beginning was hope.”

“What is that?” Cream asked.

The ball of light grew bright for a moment, and then it dulled slightly, “Daughter of the Pie Family, We are the Keepers. We are the memory of all that was good, we are the few sole survivors that sought to become more. Ours is a legacy of world that was, and the hope of the world it will become.”

“Are you okay?”

The ball of light grew bright again, for only a moment, and then it dulled once more, “Son of Atom, child of the atomic age, and second human to touch Equestria, we are touched by your worry, but nothing in this world can touch us. You have released us from our collective prison.”

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