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What I Saw At The Store · 9:00pm May 28th, 2017

What I Saw At The Store

A few months ago I saw a man in his mid forties pick his nose and wipe is boogers 'discreetly' on the dress of a middle-aged women in front of him.

The woman didn't notice at all. Which means that later she is going to find a very gooey surprise on her dress.

He must have had lots of practice. Which is disturbing to think about.

I would hate to be the lady who more than likely discovered some random boogers on her dress later on in the day, with no idea whatsoever where they came from.

If someone did that to me and I knew about it, I would be highly grossed out and would have to resist the urge to strip in public to get the nasty boogers as far away from me as possible.

This confirms my theory that snot and other bodily fluids are a form of biological warfare. Just imagine if you launched buckets of snot or poop or something at your opponents in a war. They would be so freaked out that they probably run away.

You have to make sure to keep your distance though or the fluids might splash back on you. That's why you launch them on a missile or something. A snot or poo missile.

It would be a whole new level of messed up, for sure.

But for now, I guess we will have to rely on our neighborhood friendly booger ninjas to carry out attacks on people. We might want to direct their attention to other targets than innocent civilians though. I'm just saying.

So what have we learned here today?

Somehow in the year 2017 it is now normal to wipe boogers, earwax, or other bodily fluids on unsuspecting people in public.

This is how far we have fallen as a species, ladies and gentleman.

Oh what a time to be alive.

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Comments ( 13 )

They did back in the days of siege warfare, they did do stuff like that :twilightsheepish: but it was blood and animal carcasses :pinkiesick: I'm ok with blood but still I would rather not be Carrie'ed :twilightsheepish:

On that how far we fallen as a species, I say I'm waiting for the day we launch ICBMs at each other :rainbowlaugh: maybe the radiation will cause use to be ponies? *Shrugs* we are all together a terrible species... But I see the good but it is overshadowed by the bad.:applejackunsure:

And you'll be paranoid about your own clothes. Just as planned!

Anyway yes feces is used in warfare. Pretty sure Vietcong covered with poop the sharped stakes that they placed as traps. Got to infect those wounds.

Now I am reminded of that one time when damn pigeon pooped on me.

4550106 Those are very good points. There are more good people in the world then bad people. It is just that the bad people get more press.

Ewwww. :pinkiesick:

4550107 I've heard of bodily excretion being used in more than one war (for more than one purpose). It's weird but effective.

Getting pooped on by flying animals sucks. A bat pooped in my coffee one time while I was sitting out on my grandfather's porch.

Everyday, we stray....you know what I wanna say

4550135 Aye, my good sir. And sadly, you are right. :(

4550236 My thoughts exactly.

4551222 I know right? :O

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