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"You can change destiny, but you can’t change fate.” Simon sighed... “And you and I are fated to be together, I know it in my heart.”

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Memory Flame · 9:18am Apr 24th, 2017

I can't sleep...

This was the blog where Rachel came back to me after that whole year... before we started dating we were friends for a few weeks... but then we didn't chat with each other in over a year and then... out of nowhere, she asked if I remembered her. Of course, calling me prince, how could I forget? Only one girl had called me "prince" before so I knew it must have been her... even though she had changed her username countless times before and since.

I'm Sky Blue, and this has been another trip down Memory Flame... actually, it's been the first one to use that title... but certainly not my first memory blog.

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