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I'm a guy, and I was born the year the Pokémon company came into being, so yeah. Trixie is best pony, Luna is best Princess, Rainbow is best Mane 6 member, and Starlight is best reformed villain.

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Sneak-Peek Saturday #10 · 1:46am Apr 23rd, 2017

So here we are again with Sneak-Peek Saturday! Let's see what's on the menu for Tuesday, hmm?

Scorching Day, Chilling Night Chapter 14 Excerpt

The walls were adorned with tattered banners, one bearing the Cutie Mark of their king, while two others had pictures of a stylized sun and moon respectively. There was a fourth, but it was tattered beyond recognition. Could it have bared the Cutie Mark of the long-lost Queen?

Days in the Mind of One that is Great and Powerful Chapter 9 Excerpt

Rarity spoke first. “We were just talking about what our next move will be. Any closer to figuring out where Chessmaster went off to?”

Maestro nodded. “With a fresh sample, one that is far less encrypted than the first, I’ve narrowed down his location to near the airport. I’m going to go scout the area, if anyone wants to come along.”

Well, that's all for now. See you Tuesday!

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