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I'm a guy, and I was born the year the Pokémon company came into being, so yeah. Trixie is best pony, Luna is best Princess, Rainbow is best Mane 6 member, and Starlight is best reformed villain.


Darrell Evenlor. This single name insights fear to all on campus. This unrepentant bully has been terrorizing classmates since Elementary School. However, he has a secret... He likes the show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. He keeps this secret close to his heart, and dares not bring any reference of it to school. Yet, when he gets a strange e-mail, his life entirely changes...

Part of the universe of Lavender Heart.

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So far, I'm not really liking this. A bully being turned into Trixie? And Trixie gets trounced? I'm a Trixie fan so I already don't like that. Especially, it happening in the 'real' world. I hate fics where Trixie is the punching bag, regardless of whether or not she starts it.

And what is 'Lavender Heart'? You might want to link to it.

7909062 Lavender Heart is a collaboration between me and Skaltrox Defiance Knight, as well as others. It is anthropomorphic transformation into pony/human hybrids, along with the ponies special abilities, like flight for pegasi and alicorns, strength and endurance for earth ponies, and magic for unicorns.

7909057 you do got to remember that Trixie was a bit of a punching bag until much later in the show. Trust me, I'm a fan of Trixie as well, and I cringe whenever she's depicted this way. But it's too early to tell if this is a good Trixie character, or a bad one.

7910071 The Trixie in this is a bully that used to run the school. Now, like Trixie, has been totally humiliated. Trixie IS the bad Trixie character. And I can only see only of two things possibly turning Trixie into a good and maybe acceptable character. One, Trixie has to be rescued by 'Twilight' and her friends in some way or form (including saving Trixie from her own actions) or two, Trixie and Twilight are forced to work together against a more powerful foe.

7910129 seeing the lore of this series, both seems highly possible.

7910131 Well, as the writer of this fic, I know the way that I want it go go- however, I'm going to have to double check with the writer of Lavender Heart to see how they want it to go. After all, this is a "partner fic" to that one, Lavender Heart being the "core" so to speak.

7910227 trust me, I know all about this little colab going. Mainly because I'm apart of the darn thing.

7910231 You are? I didn't know. I hope to be able to read your contribution to the colab soon.

7910243 it's still getting approved by the mods, but if you want a slightly shorter version, go read Kwr's chapter on Rainbow Dash. Or wait for the slightly longer version by me. He helped me write the transformation part and I wrote the rest.

I KNEW IT!!:twilightangry2:
Trixie has to be saved from her own stupidity.:facehoof:
One more chapter. I really don't like what's happening to Trixie. One. More. Chapter.

If you've read my other fics, you'll know who I'm talking about.

No I have not read any of your previous fics. Anything I need to know?

Trixie loves where this story is going, although Trrrrrrixie doesn't remember being so easy to take advantage of. I'll be your editor so mistakes like this don't happen.(plz let me be your editor. This story seems amazing!)

Okay. I'll continue to follow this. I just fear how bad her memories have been 'scrambled'.

7914208 Really? That'd be great. I look forward to working with you (PM me your e-mail)!

7914257 Don't worry, it's nothing too serious, I promise. This story's about to get more positive as of chapter five on the Trixie front. As for your curiosity about Chessmaster, he's mentioned in three of my other stories- End of Days, End of Nights; Scorching Day, Chilling Night; and the one that he (currently) has the biggest role in, The Conversion Bureau EarthGate Saga: A Fist Clenched In Rage.

We have spots open for other anthro ponies in the story. The Cutie Mark Crusaders (mostly sweetie Belle and scootaloo, since I found someone to write as apple bloom). Rarity is needed for the mane 6 and possibly Starlight Glimmer may show up in a later chapter. Can you imagine a Derpy anthro or dr whooves? Maybe Lyra and Bon Bon?

Trixie showed up, and decided to case a little panic.

case should be spelled 'cause'

“Trixie needs to know where Twilight is. I order you to speak what you know!” she yelled, Twilight also could hear an odd mechanical like tone laced into her words.

Maybe you should stop the sentence after Trixie's dialogue. Then you can take out the 'also' in the next sentence.

The necklace she donned now may of been the reason, but Twilight felt like she knew that necklace from somewhere.

Make it 'may be', because she's still controlled and it's still affecting her. I also think that you should use 'and' not 'but' as your conjunction.

Twilight’s sentence was cut short by Trixie firing an attack, reacting just in time, Twilight nimbly dodged the blast.

the sentence should stop after 'attack' so that it can flow better and not be a run on sentence.

“Let’s see how you deal with Bullet hell!” sending off wave after wave of blasts Twilight was forced to take a defence route against the attacks.

I say change 'blasts' to 'magical energy' I also think that the sentence should stop after blasts as well, so it isn't a run on sentence. Defense isn't spelled right, and it should be 'defensive' (so It turns to 'defensive route') Maybe, for a more visual effect, you should add more detail to the attack and/or show how twilights defensive route.

The others cringed at her impact, for Twilight things didn’t seemed really good.

The sentence should end after impact, with the way it's written. There should be a comma after Twilight, and 'seemed' should be 'seem'. 'The others cringed at her impact. For Twilight, things didn't seem so good.'

Trixie sauntered over to the fallen Alicorn and traps her in a bubble made from the dome that surround them, so she couldn’t break free.

to keep the whole sentence in past tense, 'surround' should be 'surrounded'.

Trixie seemed unfazed by Ashley’s words, she turned around with a soulless stare and by raising her hand up she radiates a pulse to send Ashley backwards, the farm girl unable to keep her footing...hoofing?

sentence should end after 'words'. I think the sentence should go like this 'She turned around with a soulless stare and raised her hand, radiating a pulse that pushes Ashley back and unable to keep her footing....hoofing?'

He then stopped, then chuckled. “I just got news from her.

'He then stopped, and chuckled.' You don't need another 'then'

Reluctant Trixie. At least she isn't evil anymore.

So, of the Mane Six/Element Bearers, we have Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy? Is someone going to be turned into a Spike?

7956877 Caldoric is going to be Spike, and we do have someone writing for Pinkie (Kikkio3000) and Rarity (Calcen).

We also have a Sunset Shimmer and I was hoping Starlight Glimmer might show up, and the cmc's.

7956914 Forgive me, but I haven't read the other story. This one attracted me because of Trixie.:trixieshiftleft: I can only go by what I read here.

7956927 Trixie does have a role to play in this collab with Skalltrox Defiance Knight's Twilight story.

7956927 I don't mind if you haven't or even want to read it. If you do, then by all means have a look.

Mr. Dion

why does that seam so much like i.imgur.com/0Pm6E68.png

...Is that tiger going to turn into a pet we know. Or a certain dragon?

7992739 No, she's not going to turn into anyone from the show. I'd debated even including her, and the decision to do so may just be removed later if it doesn't work well. Suffice to say, if you haven't read my other fics, you probably have no idea who I'm talking about.

Not bad. Oh yeah just so you know, something interesting will happen with Twilight after the mission. Simply called the awakening.

8000897 Awakening? Hm, I dodn't know what that entails, so once I have an idea of what it is I can work it into the chapter that they meet up after Twi's mission on my end.

So, Trixie got an artifact that I'm going to guess allows her to cast illusions?

8046020 Actually, it bolsters the power of the illusions she casts- don't forget that she's already a "major" in illusion magic.

8046194 She's a show mare, so obviously she'd use some kind of illusion magic in her shows- and elsewhere. It makes sense, don't you think?

Now that I think about it, what if one of the guys were in the boy's sport-team, do they now need to go in the girl's sport-team ?

Did Chessmaster become a unicorn before Twilight ?

Why would human be die, wouldn't they jest be anthros !?

8077526 That would make sense, yes.

8077572 Did I mention that somewhere? Let me check... nope, no mention of that. However, it does make the most sense that way. I could see it happening like this: He anthrofies before her, and the when the Analysts catch wind of the missing Amulet, they hasten their plan.


That would make sense, yes.

ok, You should add this to the story(ies)

Did I mention that somewhere? Let me check... nope, no mention of that. However, it does make the most sense that way. I could see it happening like this: He anthrofies before her, and the when the Analysts catch wind of the missing Amulet, they hasten their plan.

You did say that his half-brother has been change 4 years ago.

8077639 I never said the humans would die. I said they'd go extinct due to nobody being born human in a world of Anthros. However, no need to worry about that- I have a chapter later that debunks that anyway.

8077684 I don't believe I'll be covering the sports team angle in this fic. If anyone would do that, It'd be the Rainbow Dash fic.

8082802 Cuber Snuggles is doing the Rainbow Dash story, A Crash Course of Harmony, but I talked with Tide Hunter who offered to help assist in guest writing for that until Cuber Snuggles is ready. Also would like to see Rarity, Pinkie, and Fluttershy's side stories eventually and even Spike's.

8077652 The first hero to change is Twilight aka John Radderson (see Skaltrox Defiance Knight's story). Then Kurt becomes Applejack, then Matt becomes Rainbow Dash. Terrance/Florence ends up as Fluttershy, and then Pinkie and Rarity. In between these stories,, we meet Trixie, then Ayumi, as well as Sunset Shimmer will make her appearance. There are other side characters that are still available to interact with Twilight and her friends at school. I am sure there will be Slice of Life episodes, like Rina and the shark tooth and the deep sea diving adventure. Many seeing the mane 6 at school or maybe going to a party hosted by Pinkie Pie to welcome the new students.

Do the new Anthro-girls know the wonderbolts's history !?

8085689 Well, those that have seen the show would've. Otherwise, no.

8077526 I guess. I mean, Rainbow Dash would probably get on the team if say, someone ended up as Spitfire, or Fleetfoot, or Soarin'.

The instant they connected, Harry began to change. Harry grew white fur and a horn, and his body became more feminine as his feet became hooves. The final touch was his hair becoming purple as well as a tail of the same color growing.

Nothing more ?

“We don’t know if the Elements will remove the forced anthrofication entirely. If it doesn’t, we want to be ready to remove it.”

Maestro can do that ?
What is Maestro's power again ?

the real Maestro Spectrum?

He's not the brother !?
OR is it, that he ships Maestro with her ?

she sauntered a bit closer to him, earning her a slightly distraught Maestro, albeit not so distraught for others to notice. She inwardly grinned. So that “certain anthro” Trixie overheard about… Could it be her? She seemed pleased at the thought. She must admit Maestro’s very… alluring.

When Trixie was a guy, did he want.. girls or guys ?

the Maestro of the Equestria they're connected to has gone through.

Is Maestro a O.C. or a ... ?

8130931 First- What else did you expect?
Second- Not alone. The spell is theoretical, anyway. Maestro is an artist, and an enchanter.
Third- When he says "real Maestro" this means the one from Equestria. I should probably edit this out, though. As for the feelings... It's somewhat complicated.
8130955 First-Trixie was gay as a guy. This is a point in a later chapter.
Second- Maestro, Chessmaster, Janice, and Servo are all my OCs.

His eyes had slitted pupils; like Nightmare Moon, Chrysalis, or a thestral

What does that have to do... ? :rainbowhuh:

It;s important. You may not see it yet, but this will all be explained later.

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