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The REAL Mister Pkmn

I'm a guy, and I was born the year the Pokémon company came into being, so yeah. Trixie is best pony, Luna is best Princess, Rainbow is best Mane 6 member, and Starlight is best reformed villain.

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Sneak-Peek Saturday #9 · 8:55pm Apr 8th, 2017

It's time for Sneak-Peek Saturday again! So here's some snippets from my upcoming chapters next week!

Scorching Day, Chilling Night Chapter 13 Excerpt:

Then, they crossed the invisible threshold. She grinned. It was time. Her horn she pulled out a strange artifact that looked like an obsidian snowflake, and slung it over her neck like an amulet.

Days in the Mind of One that is Great and Powerful Chapter 8 Excerpt:

Trixie then spoke. “Look, about what happened…”

Twilight shook her head. “I’ve already forgiven you, Trixie.” She then put her hand out. “I just hope we can be friends now.”

Trixie accepted the handshake, and grinned. “We’re in this mess together, so Trixie supposes it couldn’t hurt to be friends, at least for now.”

That's all for now! see you next time!

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