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After listening to this song, you'll want to...DIE ANYWHERE ELSE. · 2:16am Mar 13th, 2017

But please don't actually die anywhere else, just give the song a Like and go support Aurora Rose on YouTube, because I've spoke to the guy and he's a really cool person. Very polite. Probably uses deodorant daily. Shampoos his hair and all that. Give him some love and make him feel awesome for being a decent singer. If you feel like subbing to his channel, follow the link below.


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But what if I wanna die

4453702 Stop being a puff and live. Your boyfriend is waiting to meet you one day, dude. Live for that day. Besides...who else is going to wear a horse mask on Skype and make me chuckle? But most of all, live for your boyfriend, dude...and for the rest of us who need you to help us live us well. Including me.

Aww man, I was jut listening to this. This is got to be my favorite song from Night in the Woods.

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