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Random Headcanons 3 · 8:12pm Mar 5th, 2017

1. Luna does not wish to be associated with and denounces the extremist anti-Celestia group New Lunar Republic.

2. Flurry Heart will be tutored and trained for royal and army duties in the Crystal Empire. Two years after joining the Crystal Army as an officer, she will resign and decide to earn a living hunting and slaying monsters through contract. Cadence and Shining Armour will not be happy at their daughter's decision.

3. Luna once tried forcing Blueblood to marry a mare so he will "do his duty as a stallion to sire foals". After his refusal and a row that reduced the prince to tears, Celestia rescued her nephew by telling her sister that they no longer force their stallions into marriage and sex.

4. A night of hard drinking ended up with Celestia having hoof-wrestling contests, insult contests and loud rowdy singing with other drunk ponies in a bar.

5. The Terran queen once threatened Celestia that she will have Twilight as her slave if Equestria will not return occupied regions to Terra. Another war against Terra was avoided due to Celestia's promise to eliminate the queen's palace and turn Terra into another province of Equestria if she or a Terran touches a hair on Twilight.

6. ┼╗iemelia, the island in the south of Equestria, always stayed loyal to the Equestrian Crown and, therefore, Celestia. When Nightmare Moon's army tried to conquer the island, Celestia's army and the islanders managed to fend them off.

7. Fluttershy was into punk rock when she was younger.

8. A month after her return, Luna tried listening to some music and songs that Celestia kept in her room. Once she heard a song from a hard rock/heavy metal band The Nightmares, Luna called it "a repulsive screech, only sung by Tirek in the deepest, most debilitating pits of Tartarus", smashed the vinyl and went to confront her sister about owning such evil songs.

9. Shining Armour was a scout when he was a colt. Twilight was never interested in scouting (unfortunately), she was only interested in books instead.

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With Flurry Heart's idea, it makes me think Flurry's going to be the pony version of Star Butterfly when she grows up.

3) Platinum IXX needless to say was embarrassed

4)Thus teaching a new generation the drinking songs of the Clans

5) Someone has been reading my mind, same idea I have with Prance. One more invasion and they will lose the right to sovereignty. Mareseille will be used as target practice for the Everfree-class battleships, his kingdom split into twain, and his crown melted down.

6) Let me guess, Malta?

7) Needless to say she doesn't like to talk about it, though she would still do gigs away from Ponyville (and Pinkie)

8) The next day Celestia sent Luna under heavy guard into the city to replace the record that she had broken. "I do not lecture you on your polka obsession, do not lecture me on my tastes"

4444628 Thanks! That's a big compliment coming from you!

4444751 I was more thinking of Geralt or Ciri from the Witcher series.


3. I would imagine.

4. Most of them would probably be obscene enough to destroy the image of a pure godlike princess.

5. One day I will do some more worldbuilding on Equestria's arch-enemy of a country.

6. Yep.

7. Imagine her singing "Faust Save Celestia". (God Save the Queen by the Sex Pistols.)

8. I'd like to think of Luna as the conservative sister for obvious reasons.


4) And she would be quite happy about, plus she really does want ponies to know the old songs and tales

5) Celestia has many reason to dislike the kingdom, including havign the Sun King trying to foalnap her, and nearly succeeding, and his descendants declaring her to be their wife.

6) Thought so

8) 1000 years out of place. There is a reason I think that between her return and Nightmare Night, Luna wasn't seen in public because she was learning about the new age, and no one trusted her not to make a scene


4. Imagine her singing humiliating songs detailing Discord's failure to conquer her ponies. It also won't be considered something to be sung in polite society due to, ahem, rude sounds and words included.

5. If the Prench ponies are oppressed too, a Prench Revolution might happen. Though the Reign of Terror from somepony worse would probably happen afterwards.

6. :twilightsheepish:

8. Not showing excessive force in front of Equestrian citizens is a new concept for her.

4) Not necessarily songs about the fall of the Chaos Tyrant, but songs of the Chaos Era or of Pre-Shattering Equestria, the time before the Chaos Tyrant appeared and broke the ponies' single language and caused the collapse of the First Concordiat. The Sisters' mother, Snow Dancer was a keeper of the old songs and tales during a time when do know the history meant death

5) Celestia is likely to step in before it gets to that point, at least in my world Equestria has contact with humanity for nearly 40 years, and would have read up on the various revolutions and how they tend to end


4. If the princesses have a DnD style adventure, Celestia could probably be a bard/paladin hybrid.

5. Ponies on Earth concept have always interested me.

5) Celestia had a long time to study the Mirror, she is bound to have went across well before Sunset did. Would have been around 1965/66 when she first went through, and in 1968 when Equestria made officially unofficial contact with the US, just in time to see and hear Apollo 8' message of peace that Christmas day.

4444863 Before I forget, this song was what I imagined Luna was listening before smashing the record to pieces.

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